February 15, 2014

Philadelphia, ho: Make the scene at Quizzo Bowl X!

So, as the Big Quiz Thing chips away at conquering another city—Philadelphia, returning to the fabulous World Cafe Live Sunday, March 16—I learn more about the trivia scene in that worthy-of-being-spoken-of-in-the-same-breath-as-NYC city. So I’ve renewed my acquaintance with Philly’s own trivia king, the Quizmaster Noah of 94 miles southwest, Johnny Goodtimes (wish I’d thought of a name like that). Over many years, JG has developed a rabid following as Philly’s premier bar-trivia host and a reputation as a local celebrity. When he speaks, Brotherly Trivia Lovers listen.

Every February, Mr. Goodtimes’s year culminates with a mega-sized quiz blowout, Quizzo Bowl (“Quizzo” being Philly’s name for the familiar pub quiz), and the ’14 edition—the tenth—is just days away: Saturday, February 22. Attracting upwards of 300 players, QB is a trivia event to rival any other that doesn’t have the name Big Quiz Thing attached to it; in the past, he’s had celebrity quizmasters, acrobatic drum troupes, etc., etc. But this year, they’re breaking ground even the BQT has been unable to conquer. Well, not really “ground,” per se. This year…

                                 They’re on a boat!

A trivia show on a boat! I once inquired about hosting a BQT on a boat, and I could hear waves of mocking laughter over the broadband line. But somehow, Johnny Goodtimes has done it: Quizzo Bowl will be taking place on The Spirit of Philadelphia (that’s what I would have called it too), a luxury liner on the Delaware River. Quiz awesomeness with massive prizes (including a $1,500 cash jackpot), plus live bands, plus free food, plus drink specials. And your admission charge includes a tremendous after-party, featuring more live music, more fun, more prizes, more proud nerdiness. Only $50, which includes all the aforementioned and a cab ride to the dock. Copious Quizzo Bowl X details here.

JG has asked me to invite you, the trivia fans of New York City, to field your own teams. I strongly encourage you to do so: It’ll be tons of fun, and a chance to prove our local might; after all, we’re the big leagues (snicker, snicker). I personally cannot attend—we have a private trivia party in Brooklyn that night—but anyone who goes from the BQT’s NYC contingent; I’ll even give you a pass to a future NYC BQT event (make sure you tell Johnny I sent you). Philadelphia is a super easy and worthwhile trip; BoltBus runs cheap, fast, and far-from-disgusting buses nearly constantly, and it’s worth spending an afternoon there, just to see what another American city with character looks like (there ain’t too many anymore). Besides: It’s on a boat!

Learn more about Quizzo Bowl here…and pick up tickets for the BQT’s return to Philly—March 16, though we also have another date booked for June 8—at World Cafe Live’s website. A boat!


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