February 1, 2014

NYC quiz preview: Tuesday, Feb 4, cont'd

As promised yesterday, we have still more (MORE!) theater prizes to tell you about for Tuesday's SubCulture show (tickets here). It's almost as if it never ends, huh? (Though, as with all things, it does.) In addition to the nine of the fantastic Off Broadway productions we told you about, also on offer are…

Since the '70s, The Women's Project Theater has been the nation’s premier company dedicated to producing and promoting plays written and directed by, you guessed it, women, still criminally underrepresented even in the famously progressive (heh) world of theater. As a fellow client of the BQT's production partners, Second Bolt, the WPT is generously kicking in passes to its forthcoming production, The Architecture of Becoming. Ready for something a little different? TAOB is described as "A lost postcard, the ghost of an opera diva and the siren call of the City.  Erupting from the shadows of New York City Center is a world premiere production filled with the mysteries of the past and desires for the future." Intriguing. The show runs February 25 to March 23; details and tickets at WPTheater.org.

Now running at the Barrow Street Theatre, the justifiably lauded comedy Buyer & Cellar. I've actually been fortunate enough to see this one-man show (currently starring Ugly Betty's übertalented Michael Urie)—the (fictional) tale of a struggling actor who takes a job working in the faux shopping mall in Barbra Streisand's basement (which apparently does exist). And despite the fact that I'm a fan of neither Streisand, nor Ugly Betty, nor fake shopping malls, nor struggling actors, I enjoyed the stuffing out of it. Learn more at BuyerAndCellar.com.

Courtesy The New Group, it's the sexy/funny (or is it funny/sexy?) Intimacy. Spy upon the families of a well-manicured, multiracial American town, as "secrets and sexual desires suddenly explode, and pleasant neighborly relations take same shocking and transformative turns." And hey, prepare for "nudity, sex and bad language." Yes! It's playing through March 8 at the Acorn Theatre on Theatre Row. More can be gleaned at TheNewGroup.org/intimacy.

And while it isn't a stage adaptation of the Traveling Wilburys song, it's the next best thing: a fresh new comedy about romance, America, immigration, and—the greatest thing of all—being Jewish. Handle with Care is a New York Times Critics' Pick, all about "a beauty, a bubbe, and a box" (hm), and it's playing now at the Westside Theatre; tickets and more info are at HandleWithCareThePlay.com.

And, oh yeah, the $200 cash jackpot. Pick up your tickets from SubCulture right here. See you 7:30pm, Tuesday night, my trivia- and theater-eager compadres…

nation’s oldest and largest company dedicated to producing and promoting plays written and directed by women - See more at: http://wptheater.org/about/mission/#sthash.lLZoibb2.dpuf


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