January 31, 2014

NYC quiz preview: Tuesday, Feb 4

Glad I caught you before the weekend, NYers, because I just have to tell you about the extreme (or perhaps x-treem) quiz excitement that awaits you this Tuesday. Indeed: We're back at our beloved SubCulture (following up on an uh-MAY-zing family show there last weekend) with another evening of New York's best live trivia experience.

It's waiting for you

The multimedia fun features a new video-puzzle concept, "Cartoon Chaos." Details TBA, but know that yes, if like me you wasted many a childhood Saturday morning in front of the TV (or adulthood Wednesday afternoon in front of YouTube), you will have a mental leg up.

 Some of this and more!

For the audio round, in which you must ID the song titles and artists behind a bunch of tunes, we have the latest entry in our "Okay, We'll Give You the…" series. Following up on "Okay, We'll Give You the Title" and "Okay, We'll Give You the Artist," it's "Okay, We'll Give You the Eltit." Hmmm…  I'm describing it like a night of karaoke with Satan. Turn me on, dead man!

Plus: a visual puzzle about book covers, some fun with Super Bowl commercials, the Text Message Challenge, and the world's most fun and cleverest trivia questions, all leading to the prize party that is the buzzertastic Three-Way Finale.

There's room for you (Photo: Ryan Muir)

And perhaps that's the biggest news: the prizes. Other than the $200 cash jackpot, Tuesday will be an especially grand night for theater tickets, as we're giving away a veritable explosion of Off Broadway passes. Rejoining the horde: Bedlam Theatre's unique new production of Hamlet, playing right upstairs from SubCulture at the Culture Project. Also returning: the obscenely hilarious The Accidental Pervert, at the 13th Street Repertory. And: Revisit the darkest side of history at Breakfast with Mugabe, playing at the Lion Theatre on Theatre Row. But Lordy, do we have more. Prepare for…

Also from Bedlam Theatre, and also playing upstairs from SubCulture at the Lynn Redgrave Theatre: George Bernard Shaw's historical classic, Saint Joan.


The powerful true story of a journalist's experience on September 11, 2001, playing at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Bikeman 9/11.

Beloved NYC singer-songwriter Jonathan Brooke presents one-woman musical about her mother's dementia at the Duke on 42nd Street, the cheekily (or nosily?) titled My Mother Has 4 Noses.

The eminently useful comedy based on the best-selling book, 777 Theatre's Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man.

Playing at the Gym at Judson, the Transport Group's revival of the New England romantic comedy Almost, Maine.

And, you know you want it: an original (and perhaps inevitable) parody, 50 Shades! The Musical.

Still more theater tickets on the docket, but let's all take a breath before I continue. Stay tuned. In the meantime, snag your tickets for Tuesday from SubCulture posthaste, good people.