December 11, 2013

NYC quiz recap: The 2013 Flashback Trivia-O-Rama

What a fun night yesterday evening at the BQT's favorite Brooklyn stomping grounds, Littlefield. Thanks to the full house for braving the appropriately Decembery weather for our first ever year-end retrospective: The 2013 Flashback Trivia-O-Rama. A trivially trivial evening of multimedia quiztastic joy—with, as always, NYC's absolutely best trivia prize haul: tix to Broadway's  Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark and Off Broadway's Disaster! The Musical, and terraNOVA Collective's winter season; passes to "Dimensions: The MoMath Puzzle Hunt" and Pogo Events scavenger hunts; a big ol' skate party with  The Skate Truck NYC; Thumbs Cookies; and free tickets to future Littlefield events. Plus books, DVDs, and CDs of the year, ensuring that—yes!—absolutely everyone went home with something. I mean, come on…

Missed communication about The Accidental Pervert. It's coming—heh—in January.

So hey, how about 2013? How about "The Year in Manipulative Movie Trailers"? (I just knew a few of you would be art-house-nerdy enough to know which movie was about "the worm-pig-orchid life cycle.") How about "Name That News(caster)"? (Turns out Andrea Mitchell ≠ Ann Curry ≠ Soledad O'Brien.) How about "Where Have You Gone, 'Weird Al' Yankovic?" (The progress—or lack thereof—of parody songs marches on, even without any music from Alfred this year.) How about "Rebus in Peace"? (Yes, noting the phonetic connection between an actor and a fictional wizard is how quiz folk honor the dead.) And how about some Smart-Ass Points—perhaps the best of the lot was the team that thought this year's art-world record for most expensive painting ever sold at auction was Three Studies of Turner by Hooch. Yeah, 2013…

That would look great in my 425-square-foot studio apartment.

The finale was all about familiar faces: Steve of the Fantastic Fournicators (who claimed that "all petitions had the most signatures"), Dean of Cash Cab for Cutie (currently on a two-show win streak at our regular monthly events), and Buck of Gerard Depardouche, who hadn't claimed victory in quite some time. But not anymore: Believe it or not, Buck won—a 2013 Flashback quiz, mind you—with the answer, O.J. Simpson. Truth.

The standings
1. Gerard Depardouche
2. Cash Cab for Cutie
3. The Fantastic Fournicators
4. Have Yourself an Incontinental Christmas
5. Things Are Nice
6. Mandela…Too Soon?
7. Strippers for Stpehen Hawking
8. Team Baroness
9. The Pre-Virgins
10. Rick Dees and the Master Splinters

NEXT: 2014, coming on strong: We're back in Manhattan at SubCulture on Tuesdays: January 7 and February 4 (tix available now), plus another Big Family Quiz Thing (also at SC) on Sunday, January 26. And hey, still time to book a holiday party, believe it or not! 2013 ain't over till it's over, trivia friends…


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