December 12, 2013

Boston quiz preview: The Christmahanukwanzayear Spectacular, this Monday!

Happy everything, everyone! Especially you, Boston trivia fanatics: Comedian Wes Hazard and I (your favorite TV quizmaster) will be communing with you again this Monday at Oberon, as we bring you a holiday spectacular of truly quiztastic proportions: The Big Quiz Thing's Christmahanukwanzayear Spectacular.

Six rounds of the world's greatest holiday-themed multimedia trivia: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year, possibly some other seasonal festival that is criminally overlooked this time of year. All for honor, glory, and stupendous prizes: Besides the $200 cash jackpot (split among several teams, of course, not just the top-scoring ones), and passes from Oberon's The Donkey Show and sponsors On Location Tours, we got mucho holiday-themed books and other goodies. Behold…

Yes, correct, at lower right that's Sarah Palin's new book, waging the brave battle against that nonexistently horrible threat to all that is holy, the War on Christmas. (Nope, sorry, not going to link to the Amazon page.) That's the last-place prize. Seriously: The team that does worst at the show will have to take the book with them in order to leave the theater that night. It's about both the carrot and the stick, after all.

And the quiz itself: As usual, live trivia don't get more spectacular (and fun) than the BQT. For the video round, we're looking back on the story of cinema 2013, with "The Year in Manipulative Movie Trailers" (a new edition of a game we played with you all last year). Then we have audio fun with "Holiday Music—At Various Speeds." Plus "Famous Santas I Have Known" and plenty more, including a special interlude game known as "Hanukkah or Kwanzaa?"

Hey, it worked last time.

Plus all the usual fun: Lightning Round, Smart-Ass Points, the Text Message Challenge, the Buzzertastic Finale, etc., etc. And hey, this is Oberon, so admission is magically free (an offer not available to BQT fans in other cities, apart from the occasional Google-Proof Trivia Question cash-in). This Monday, 8pm, at 2 Arrow Street in Harvard Square. Celebrate wisely, my friends.


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