October 2, 2013

NYC quiz preview: Monday, Oct 7, part II

More! More! More! We told you all about the multimedia games, the preshow #BQTonTV episode, etc., happening this Monday, October 7, at NYC's SubCulture. (Get tix now, friends.) But you want to know about prizes, don't you?

Still a $200 cash jackpot, though the still-new format of giving first place $100 and splitting the rest among other teams seems to be working out well. (Spreading the wealth is good; call us socialist, if you must.) Most of the rest of the prize haul consists of some of our finest old prize partner friends. Prepare for goodies from On Location Tours, Pogo Events, The Moth, Milk & Cookies Bakery, and our loyal venue itself, SubCulture.

And joining the fray: some theater. Some crazy theater! Behold…

Disaster! It's disco, it's tragedy, it's a musical! It's a scintillating new Off Broadway show (cowritten by theatrical honcho Seth Rudetsky, who also gave us recent BQT sponsor Unbroken Circle) that brings together the songs and the cinematic crises you remember from the 1970s (or, more likely considering our demographic, you've obsessively learned about in your research of the '70s). Set in a hot summer evening in 1979, Disaster! features historical celebrities coming together for a disco hoedown that goes spectacularly—and hilariously—wrong. I could list some of the featured songs here, but you can probably guess…though allow me to give you one that always puts a smile on your quizmaster's face:

And perhaps my favorite '70s movie disaster. BEES!

Disaster! opens this Friday, October 4, at the  St. Luke's Theatre, 308 West 46th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues. Snag tickets here, or brave the clash of mighty brains at this Monday's BQT and win a few. Scream!

See you Monday; do yourself a favor and pick up your tickets right now.