September 3, 2013


Tonight! Oh, it is on, boyfriend—the Big Quiz Thing debuts at SubCulture, a fantastic new(ish) venue located conveniently at 45 Bleecker Street (just off Lafayette). A reminder: SubCulture has a full bar, but a very limited food menu, so feel free to grab a bite in the 'hood preshow (or post-). But please drink up during the show, 'cause Papa's gotta pay the piper.

This is going to be a fun one: Multimedia quiz action featuring "Meme-O-Rama," "There Will Be Math," "Entertainingly Useless Maps," "People's Most Beautiful (Eyes)," and the absolute best trivia questions anywhere. Opening comedy from the lovable Liam McEneaney. And big-time prizes from The Moth, Bowlmor Lanes, Milk & Cookies Bakery, POGO Events, On Location Tours, Tennessee Williams's The Two Character Play, Unbroken Circle, and still more, not to mention the $200 cash jackpot.

What's that, you want a clue? Okay, fine. Behold, your Not-So-Secret Secret Clue. Use it in good health when I, your quizmaster, give the magic word. Drumroll…

It's in Stockholm

So many things are, aren't they? Find out what in particular, tonight, 7:30pm, SubCulture. Tickets still on sale, party people.