September 16, 2013

Boston quiz preview: Monday, Sept 23

Hello, our mass of Mass fans! We're back in the Bay State a week from today with Boston's No. 1 live quiz event—the Big Quiz Thing at Oberon in Harvard Square. As always, absurdly free admission and $200 in big cash prizes.

And more, because for this edition, we welcome a favorite NYC sponsor to the B-Mass: On Location Tours.

As one of New York's premier entertainment-themed tour companies, OLT has been a stalwart prize partner for many an age now. And with it's expansion into the Boston market, it's joining the Oberon prize haul: On the 23rd, we have a few passes to their MA jaunts, the Boston TV & Movie Sites Tour (much more than the Cheers bar, though there's that too, naturally) and the Boston Movie Mile (an uncommon walk through the Commons and beyond).

Learn more at, why don't you. Better yet, come down to Oberon Monday night and be part of the prize-festooned action.

Speaking of which, we've got a honey of a quiz contentwise. See our NYC previews for all about the multimedia puzzles at this event: the viral-video-filled "Meme-O-Rama" and a "There Will Be Math" audio round that doesn't actually require math knowledge…though yes, your memories of Mr. Green's seventh-grade math class will come in handy. And handiness will be key, because one of our most persistent teams, Dead Person Kicks Ass!!, will be gunning for its fourth consecutive victory. Will they quadripeat? Are you the person/team to stop them? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Stay up to via our Facebook and Twitter presences—you're going to get a fat, juicy Not-So-Secret Secret Clue on Monday morning—and we will see your smiling faces at Oberon.


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