August 14, 2013

NYC quiz recap: Tuesday, Aug 13

Yes! Our last show (for now) at The Cutting Room was a raging success, my friends. Despite the rain and the doldrums of August, a full house was present for another edition of NYC's favorite live quiz show, the first New York edition of the post-#BQTonTV era. Thank you for being there…and an extra-special thank you to the bachelorette party that made the BQT the centerpiece of their pre-martimonial revelry. Good luck, Aviva! Hope your financé isn't as dorky as I am and didn't insist on pointing out that your name is a palindrome the first time he met you!

But are there vagina/boob-shaped decorations for lesbian bachelorette parties? (Image via

And hey, also a thank you to some of the frequent prize partners who were represented at last night's show: We had peeps from On Location Tours and Urban Oyster Tours (different kinds of tours, so no conflict there, but just in case, I won't tell you which team scored better). Both assured me they had a blast, so count on a lot more good stuff from them in the coming months. Also, serious props to the supreme comedy talent that is our opening act, Christian Finnegan, whose team, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me'Shell Ndegeocello!, took home cookies for scoring the top Smart-Ass Point of the night (the very first word in the U.S. Constitution is "YOLO").

"Therefore, it is resolved, all good men should LOL more often." (Image via

While we're at it other good SAPs: That color-coded U.S. map indicated levels of cronut shortages nationwide, per capita; the clip in the "Sitcom Jokes—And Nothing But" audio round featuring folks chatting about the devil was from Friends (of Satan); the seven-letter word in the titles of both a new HBO movie and a new Comedy Central series is Fuckyou. And thanks for all the love for the new edition of the Same-Name Movie Music Mash-Up (we discovered that Coolio and Raquel Welch have something in common), plus the sitcom-jokes audio puzzle (in which we heard the exact moment Tom Hanks fell in love with his wife).

(Image via

Love, love, love to all our great prize sponsors for the evening, particularly Skate Truck NYC, which gave away a session of skating to freakin' everyone in the room; the fine theatrical experiences of Peter and the Starcatcher, iLuminate: Artist of Light, The Two-Character Play, Final Analysis, and Breakfast with Mugabe; our old friends at Time Out New York, the Brooklyn Museum, NYC Gangster Tours, and Birch Coffee; the aforementioned Urban Oyster Tours;  and the lovely Cutting Room itself. Combined with the $200 jackpot, the cookies, and the delightfully random books, truly we spoil you for any other live trivia experience.

And the Buzzertastic Finale: Despite impressive showings from newcomer and seminewcomer teams (including the optimistically named the Dynasty Starts Tonight and winners for best new squad, Visit Brooklyn), it boiled down to some of our usual cohorts: the two winningest teams in BQT NYC history, the Fantastic Fournicators (fresh off a TV show victory last Sunday) and Incontinental Congress, along with proudly returning contenders the Fat Kids. At least IC sent up one of their least-finale-seen members, Amanda (yay, estrogen in the finale!), and after a tied game, she won it with some sweet knowledge about the place of origin of people known as Haligonians.

The standings:
1. Incontinental Congress
2. Fat Kids Are Just Swollen
3. Fantastic Fournicators
4. Cash Cab 4 Cutie
5. The Dynasty Starts Tonight
6. Visit Brooklyn
7. Gerard Depardouche
8. Carlos Dangerously
9. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me'Shell Ndegeocello!
10. Things Are Nice

NEXT: Starting in September—September 3, to be exact, less than three weeks away—we'll be making a stand at a fantastic new venue, SubCulture (conveniently located at Bleecker and Lafayette Streets). Tickets and details here. Also, just today we confirmed a very special event for late October; no details yet, but take a wild flying guess what the theme will be. And hey—two more episodes of #BQTonTV! Everything you need to complete your life is right here.


EdP NYC said...

How about a re cap of the post show, backstage antics, with the bachelorette until all hours of the night?

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