August 12, 2013

NYC prize partners: A triple dose of Off Broadway

Tomorrow it is, my fine trivia friends: The next NYC Big Quiz Thing, warmly ensconced back at The Cutting Room (be here tomorrow morning for your cherished Not-So-Secret Secret Clue). We gave you some basic details here already—Christian Finnegan returning as our ace opening act, an especially impressive slate of prizes—but there are more goodies to tell you about. Specifically: a triple dose of top-shelf new Off Broadway theater…

Written by some little-known, rarely school-assigned playwright named Tennessee Williams, The Two-Character Play is an intensely personal work about, right, two characters, engaging in a dark and experimental pas de deux. It's not an evening of sunshine and lollipops, but as one of the most rarely revived works by a signal voice in the history of American drama, it is unmissable for the true theater fan. Especially this production, which stars Amanda Plummer (Honey Bunny in Pulp Fiction) and Bard Dourif (the voice of Chucky in Child's Play, the doctor on Deadwood), producing what our pals at The New Yorker call "brilliant grief and madness." The show's running now at that indispensable NYC theater-plex, New World Stages (same venue as fellow theatrical sponsors Peter and the Starcatcher and iLuminate: Artist of Light); details at, and yes, we have free tickets to give away tomorrow.


"Is hate love's dark companion?" The answer may seem obvious (um, yeah), but in the hands of acclaimed playwright Otho Eskin, the question is anything but straightforward. Final Analysis is a work of probing historical fiction, set in 1910 Vienna and exploring the supposed interactions of Freud, Stalin, the Mahlers, Wittgenstein, and "a mysterious young misfit." The play is "fascinating," making "these famous people real and vulnerable" (per Flavorpill). It's happening now at the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre, at the Pershing Square Signature Center (480 West 42nd Street). Tix and details at, or just win a couple tomorrow night at the BQT.


Perhaps you'd lack an appetite dining with one of the world's most feared dictators, but harbor no such reservations about the new NYC production of London's award-winning production, also playing at the Alice Griffin Jewel Box (in repertory with Final Analysis). This thriller, based on the truth of course, imagines Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe, tortured by guilt and ghosts, sitting down for a morning repast with his psychiatrist; "imagine a modern-day Macbeth, haunted by the ghost of Banquo, attempting to sort out his blood-stained fears with the help of a therapist," says The New York Times. All you need to know is at, but a few lucky geeks get tickets for free at our next trivia spectacular.

Plus more! More! More! (Including the new spread-the-cash-around policy: $100 for first place, the other $100 split among other teams.) 7:30pm tomorrow night, The Cutting Room, Not-So-Secret Secret Clue here in the morning. Score.


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