August 19, 2013

Boston: Tonight's Not-So-Secret Secret Clue!

Ding! Tonight, we're at Oberon in Harvard Square with Boston's favorite live trivia experience. You ready, friends? Ready for five rounds of multimedia quiz goodness? Ready for the Text Message Challenge, Smart-Ass Points, and the Buzzertastic Finale? Ready for the $200 cash jackpot, plus passes to the Brattle Theatre and tons more? Yes? Good; in that case, I will deign to give you The Not-So-Secret Secret Clue.

Use this hint when the word is given during the game. And it is…

"Clear" and "Drunk"

Cryptic, no? All shall be revealed tonight at Oberon. We start at 8pm, and mind-bogglingly, admission is free. See you there, friends.


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