August 20, 2013

Boston quiz recap: Monday, Aug 19

Another fine, fine evening of trivia excellence last night at Oberon. Big thanks, as always, to our wonderful venue (The Donkey Show carries on, every Saturday night!), and to last night's special sponsor, The Brattle Theatre. We get love, and we give love.

Much fun with the multimedia puzzles, include "The Same Name Movie-Music Mash-Up" (sorry, sidekick Wes Hazard, when it comes to talking-pig movies, I went with Babe, and the same-named Styx song, rather than Gordy); "Sitcom Jokes—and Nothing But" (H/T to Monstrous Humanoid @eponis for guessing the common theme before hearing any of the tracks); and "The Rhymes of the Not-So-Ancient Pop Songs" (be proud, Boston, that four of your teams know which 1980 song rhymes bikers with Rikers, since only half that many did in NYC).

"What is this Babe of which you speak?"

And it was a terrific night for Smart-Ass Points. Did you know that a full third of all 2011 American divorce filing included the business name IKEA? Or that an activity most of us often engage in whose name translates to "drawing with light" is peeing? Or that Pornstache, Pennsatucky, Yoga Jones, and Taystee are all characters on The Lawrence Welk Show? Or that the song that rhymed bikers with Rikers was Picard's flute song from "The Inner Light"? (Nerds!) Or that the covers of the binders full of women were green until the government changed them to blue in 1976? (Never too late in Boston for a Mitt Romney joke.) Or that the Yankees suck? (Likewise.)

Wunnerful, wunnerful…

The Buzztertastic Finale was a bit of a nail-biter: Two-repeating returning champs Eydie Gormé Kicks Ass! almost missed a finale birth, having to withstand a third-place runoff against Setting Up Dominoes. But they squeaked by, knowing which day of the week is named for a Roman god, and then had to take on both the Monstrous Humanoids and the Muppet Schopenhauer. And Lordy, wouldn't you know it, they managed to win anyway, and score the triumphant tri-peat with some last-minute knowledge about this disgusting food:

Amazingness always prevails. The standings…

1. Eydie Gormé Kicks Ass!: Three wins in a row. Who can stop them? You? Hm?
2. The Muppet Schopenhauer
3. The Monstrous Humanoids
4. Setting Up Dominoes
5. Stone Cold Jane Austen
6. Demonic Stolen Cakes
7. Orange Is the New Team Name
8. #iphonealuminum
9. Staff Infection
10. Hey Jeff Bridges

And shout-out to the last-place team…which presciently called itself In Last Place. Set your goals!

NEXT: More Oberon fun every month; the next date is September 23, followed by October 14. Keep up on Twitter and Facebook, and hey! Watch our TV show! Or hire us to do your own event!


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