August 16, 2013

Boston quiz preview: Monday, Aug 19

Hi, New Englanders! The BQT makes its monthly stand at Oberon this Monday night, for another edition of Boston's greatest live trivia experience. Aren't you glad you can't afford to leave town during the summer?

Plus there's this (Photo: Mass Office of Travel and Tourism)

Last month, we introduced a longtime BQT NYC element to Cambridge: the Not-So-Secret Secret Clue. Check in with us Monday morning via Twitter, Facebook, or this here blog, and get a special hint you can use to magically convert a challenging question into a relative gimme.

The secret was that Ringo was the real genius

Monday's video puzzle is the semi-return of something I've wanted to semi–bring back for some time: the Same Name Movie Music Mash-Up. No real explanation necessary, though here's a photo from the first edition…

You're not getting the full experience, of course, but that's a mash-up of Gary Numan's "Cars" and the Pixar movie Cars. That's how we roll at the BQT. Though for this edition, we're tweaking the format the bit. You will see, and you will love. Also on tap in the multimedia-puzzle department: "Sitcom Jokes—And Nothing But,""Mammals: A Closer, More Scientific Look," and "The Rhymes of the Not-So-Ancient Pop Songs." And, of course, the Lightning Round, the Buzzertastic Finale, the Text Message Challenge, Smart-Ass Points, and more. Demand the best in trivia, people!

On the prizes tip, we're trying something new this time and, uh, not giving away a grand prize of $200. However, there will be a $200 cash jackpot, difference being it'll be $100 for the ultimate winners, with the other C-note split up among other teams. Spreadin' the love, as we lovers like to do.

As for other prizes, as always, tickets to Oberon's own fantastic Donkey Show, various fun books and DVDs via my multifarious sources, cookies, and the return of a long-ago sponsor: The Brattle Theatre.

Catch the absolute best in fine film, both classic and art-house cutting-edge, steps away from Harvard Square. Playing this weekend, easily one of my personal all-time favorite films: the incomparable Rosemary's Baby ("What have you done to its eyes?!?"). Also currently running: a centennial tribute to legendary Hollywood tough guy (and beach kisser) Burt Lancaster. And on the unclassifiably wacky tip: documentaries about the rise and fall of the VHS cassette and Burning Man. Essential! Learn more at, or just win passes Monday night.

And yes indeed: Admission is free! Magic happens in the trivia world, my friends. See you Monday night, 8pm, 2 Arrow Street.


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