July 3, 2013

Prize sponsors: The returning champs, part II

No holiday for us! With the Sneak Preview TV Screening Party and Quiz invading the Highline Ballroom in mere days (your tickets await), there is hardly rest for the trivial. The list of fabulous prize sponsors is long, and we still have a few to hype; thus, we continue our roundup of former sponsors returning to the fold for this go-round.

Let us begin with…

Broadway passes from The Actors Fund

Early this year, we did a special fund-raiser event for the Actors Fund—a nonprofit human services organization that provides vital support of all kinds, to people in the performing arts of every variety (check that logo)—and we're currently making plans to do yet another. They are at the heart of all that makes Broadway great, and due to their massive pull, various Broadway productions, sometime during their runs, do a special performance specifically for the AF membership—past performances have included Once, Wicked, The Book of Mormon, The Lion King…basically, everything you wish you could afford. And you (yes, maybe you) will be invited to one of these: They're tossing in passes to a future AF event as part of the #BQTonTV quiz prize haul. Learn more about this vital organization at ActorsFund.org.

Scavenger hunt passes from POGO Events

We've been on POGO's radar, and vice versa, for several years (we even did a private event for them years past), but lately we've amped up our involvement with the terrific company, NYC's premier providers of team-building scavenger hunt action (also serving San Fran, D.C., and Florida). They've been stalwart prize sponsors all through 2013—the founder is even captaining a big team Tuesday night—so this New York–centric prize haul wouldn't be complete without them. Learn more about POGO's ingenious, ridiculously fun events at, naturally, POGOEvents.com.


$50 at Birch Coffee

One of the many, many sponsors at our Tenth Anniversary Marathon last year, Birch Coffee is a premier independent coffeehouse, with an admirable sustainable ethos and, yeah, pretty awesome joe and food. Birch has three physical locations in Manhattan and is Internetly located here (including an online store), and there's a $50 gift card on tap for some lucky geek at the Highline next week. Details at BirchCoffee.com, of course, and tickets for our monster-sized event are right here. Face front.

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