July 1, 2013

Prize sponsor: Do or Dine

Okay, so as we've filled you in on the frankly brain-scrambling prize haul for next Tuesday's Sneak Preview TV Screening Party and Quiz (July 9 at the palatial Highline Ballroom), we've told you about some of NYC's greatest live experiences: tours, theater, games, you name it. But how about some fooooooooooood!

Foie gras doughnuts from Do or Dine

In the tragically hip neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, semi-hidden behind a nondescript awning for West Indian takeout, several culinary rebels are giving foodie-scenester experimentation a good name. Fronted by vets of some of Manhattan's finest restaurants is Do or Dine is an intimate restaurant with a menu that a food troglodyte like me can't even wrap his mind around: frog legs in Dr Pepper glaze, "Bone, Slugs & Hominy" (marrow, escargot, corn), "fawn-tons" (venison and Jarlsberg). I'd say arrive hungry, but this is the kind of food that satisfies a much more interesting inclination.

And perhaps Do or Dine's most famous specialty: the foie gras doughnut. Not invented by DoD but finding its most famous NYC home there, this controversial creation is exactly what it sounds like: a deep-fried, sugar-dusted fritter oozing with fattened goose liver. We are living in interesting times, my friends.

Head out to Bed-Stuy to sample it for yourself, along with any of Do or Dine's other fantastical confections (the "Springy-changa" is a mushroom-and-tofu-filled Mexicanesque vegan delight) at 1108 Bedford Avenue; visit DoOrDineBK.com. But hey! They're giving us a dozen of the foie gras doughnuts to give away at the Highline. How about that? Advance tickets are absolutely vital, party people.


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