July 8, 2013

Chicago quiz preview: Thursday, July 11

Hey, Chicago! Despite the mania in NYC concerning the imminent debut of our TV show (yes!), we have not forgotten about you. Thus, we're back at Uncommon Ground in Edgewater this Thursday night with what is far and away Chicago's best live quiz experience. Five rounds of the world's greatest multimedia trivia questions, the big Three-Way Finale, and oodles of fantastic prizes, all hosted by the BQT's gal in the Midwest, Quizmistress Katie Vagnino.

Featured at this month's edition: a linguistically delightful video puzzle, "One Letter Apart"…

Enough time has passed to laugh, right?

For the audio round, it's one of the BQT's all-time greatest gimmicks—shocking that we've yet to whip it out in Chicago—"Three Degrees of Musical Separation"…

R. Kelly/Kelly Clarkson/Sonny and Cher

Plus, how about a little left-field presidential trivia with "Hail to the Limericks!," a multimedia look back at classic video games, and, of course, Smart-Ass Points for wrong but funny answers.

And prizes, prizes, prizes…the $200 jackpot, naturally. And some of our favorite Chicago sponsors are sticking with us. We got tickets to Adler After Dark at the senses-expanding Adler Planetarium

More film passes courtesy Chicago Filmmakers

Nerderrific goodies straight outta Graham Cracker Comics

Gift cards from our illustrious (and delicious) venue, the Edgewater location of Uncommon Ground

And joining the roster this month—and this one gets an A from me in the Awesome Concept Department—A La Card Chicago

The gift of good taste indeed: Buy this nifty deck of 52 cards and learn all there is to know about 52 of the Chicago area's best and most innovative restaurants (including Uncommon Ground and past BQT sponsor The Gage). More importantly, each card is effectively a $10 gift card at the restaurant (provided you spend a minimum $25, but c'mon). That's a $520 value, and the whole deck retails for a paltry $30, so doing the math, it shakes out to approximately a 94% discount at some of Chicago's best restaurants. Plus, it's a deck of cards, so it's fun. Learn more at alacardchicago.com.

Trade ya

We got an absolutely free deck (100% discount!) for some lucky winner Thursday night, because we're good like that. And of course, you automatically win Thursday night, because you get to play Chicago's best and funnest live quiz experience. 8pm, Uncommon Ground (in Edgewater), a mere $10 cover. Enjoy.