July 24, 2013

Boston quiz recap: Monday, June 22

Hoo-ha! Twenty-four-plus hours later, let us look back on Monday night, and what was unquestionably a Big Quiz Thing for the ages, as we once again staked our claim on the Boston area's palace of class-tastic entertainment, Oberon. Thanks for absolutely packed house, friends.

Showtime. Almost.

And thanks for making it an especially laugh-filled evening, as well over half of the Smart-Ass Point attempts landed a bull's-eye. Some highlights of the wrong-but-funny-therefore-marked-correct answers…

—In 1928, a Toronto lawyer died and left a fortune to the local woman who went bankrupt the most times in the following ten years.

The African man who was his country's boxing champ in the '50s and repressive dictator in the '70s was, um, Forest Whitaker.

—Aside from being biblical names, Methuselah, Mordechai, and Nebuchadnezzar are terms for various large bottles of malt liquor.

—David Gregory's legal name is "MacGyver in a Turtleneck."

Not quite as resourceful

The TV show set in North Caldwell, New Jersey, was Bonanza.

The 1901 play about Olga, Masha and Irina Prozorov was titled Star Trek X: The Chekhov Clones—30 Fingers, 30 Toes, but Gay (a callback to sidekick Wes Hazard's opening-act joke about this insane but true movie).

The only President of the USA to have been divorced was Hillary Clinton (think about it).

And the winner for the evening's best S.A. Point (and cookie recipient), part of the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" audio puzzle: "Scissoring" by the Indigo Girls.

We should be ashamed of ourselves

Add all that to the excellent "Name That Newscaster" video round; the aforementioned "Rock, Paper, Scissors" round (sorry, no, "Paperback Writer" wasn't by the Monkees); the Boston debut of the Not-So-Secret Secret Clue; a surfeit of royal-baby-themed team names ("The Royal Crowning" got the best response, but I was particularly delighted by "Kate 1, Anne Boleyn 0"); and an especially excellent prize haul courtesy Oberon, the Harvard Museum of Natural History, and the Coolidge Corner Theatre, and a splendid time was had by all.

And what a finale. It was returning champions Dead Person Kicks Ass!!! (this time repping Helen Thomas), the Infant Currently Known as Prince (the recurring contenders with the constantly changing name), and—holy socks—the Oberon staff team, Show Us Your Tips!, making it into the top three for only the second time in their three-plus years of dedicated competition (guess those heavy drinks are paying off). It was a long finale—no one knew the fast-food chain founded by and named after the Raffael brothers, nor the band that inspired "Knuke the…" T-shirts in 1979, nor the 1955 film that climaxed at L.A.'s Griffith Observatory. But HTKA!!! squeezed out a repeat victory with some genius knowledge re: Cincinnati's future-celebrity mayor of the late '70s. And thus:

The standings:
1. Helen Thomas Kicks Ass!!!: They didn't go for my suggestion, "Kate Middleton's Placenta Kicks Ass!!!"
2. The Infant Currently Known as Prince
3. Show Us Your Tips!: The Oberon staff, proud winners of tickets to The Donkey Show.
4. Demonic Stolen Cakes
5. Dukes of Wes Hazard
6. The Future Duke of Hazard
7. The Royal Afterbirth
8. Bananapants
9. Teen Wolf and the Irregular Humanoids
10. Save the Gay Babies

NEXT: We're back at Oberon Monday, August 19. A great video round on tap, "The Same Name Movie-Music Mash-Up," plus more trivia fun, more prizes, more of everything. Can't wait that long? Watch our TV show!