June 24, 2013

The #BQTonTV on GetGlue

With less than a month till the debut of our TV show (July 14 on NYC Life), our social media presence expands into the televisual sphere. Thus, come July, you'll be able to tell the world what a discerning TV viewer you are by checking in with the BQT on GetGlue.

The simplest way to put it: GetGlue is like Foursquare for TV. Check in while watching a show, discuss with other fans, share your fandom (behold, a bunch of dorks like you talking smack about Jeopardy! contestants). Leading up to the TV debut, we'll be posting updates and details about the show (and about the Sneak Preview Screening and Quiz event, of course), so go ahead and visit now—and follow the BQT (along with all of your other favorite shows shows). Remember: It's 2013; if you're not talking about TV, you're not watching TV.


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