June 26, 2013

Prize sponsor: NYC Gangster Tours

In case we haven't made it abundantly clear, the BQT TV show is all about New York City. NYC-themed puzzles and games, celebrating this greatest of great cities. Accordingly, our Sneak Preview TV Screening Event and Live Quiz is all about our town, with an NYC-centric quiz and, naturally, NYC-centric prize sponsors. And hoo-boy, is this latest NYC-centric. Behold…

Vouchers to NYC Gangster Tours

From a member of NYC's first family of tour guides (dude, it's their family business!) comes a unique experience for goombahs and molls of all kinds. NYC Gangster Tours regularly leads walking jaunts through the city, showing you the sites of the city's storied organized-crime history. Choose from the "Little Italy & Chinatown Gangsters Walking Tour," "The Rise and Fall of The American Mafia," and—yes!—"Jewish Gangsters of the Lower East Side" (or hey, arrange a private tour). To quote these friends of ours, "We show you where they lived, where they ate, where they drank, where they got paid, where they whacked and got whacked. How do we get away with it? Don’t ask questions; just enjoy the tour." And, naturally, "We’re gonna give you a tour that you cannot refuse."

Tours regularly cost $25 or more, but bada-bing, bada-boom, some lucky punks are gonna get what's coming to them at the #BQTonTV party and win a few passes. Buy your tickets for the Highline now, leave the gun, take the cannoli, sleep with the fishes, how am I funny?, don't stop believin.'