June 28, 2013

Prize sponsor: iLuminate's Artist of Light

Still more theater in the prize basket for our Sneak Preview TV Screening Party and Quiz (it happens July 9,  and tickets are required), though this one is a little different:

So, iLuminate is a performance troupe? Technology company? Whatever it is, they managed to achieve something you dreamed of at least once during your childhood: They built light suits. Straight outta Tron, yo. And their newest production, Artist of Light, outfits the performers in these amazing futuristic contraptions—as seen on America's Got Talent and in various big-budget pop-music spectaculars of the Aguilera/Black Eyed Pears variety—to "bring you a story of adventure and romance told through dance styles from contemporary to hip-hop to breaking and using the power of light." The power of light, I tell you! Check it out:

Artist of Light is at New World Stages, midtown's A-list Off Broadway megaplex (also the venue for sponsor show Peter and the Starcatcher) through October; details at iLuminate.com, tickets here. They ain't cheap, but you know what is? Winning a pair as part of the mondo-sized NYC-themed BQT at the Highline Ballroom July 9. And tickets for that aren't remotely expensive. Score!