June 24, 2013

Prize sponsor: The Banana Monologues

More! More! More! Our Sneak Preview TV Screening Party and Quiz, at the Highline Ballroom, is Tuesday, July 9, and the list of sponsors is nigh unbelievable. Including…

What do you get when you give The Vagina Monologues a sex change and a run through ye old comedy machine? The Banana Monologues—"A penetratingly funny show about love." Fun, fast-paced, and sexy, TBM has had hit runs nationwide, with ecstatic reviews, and it just opened in NYC, at the Acorn Theatre on Theater Row (that panoply of Off Broadway spots on the Forty Deuce beyond Ninth Avenue). It runs all summer, and while marching in off the street for a ticket will cost you a cool $69.95, show up on July 9 to sample the #BQTonTV—and take part in our NYC-themed quiz—and a couple free seats can be yours.

That's dedication.

More about this fine show at TheBananaMonologues.com. More sponsors in this space sooner than you realize. What are you waiting for?


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