June 13, 2013

L.A. quiz preview: Sunday, June 16

Oh, Los Angeles: You are truly the land of dreams. And here's one dream that can easily come true: the dream of high-quality live trivia excitement. It can enter the realm of reality for you this Sunday, as the Big Quiz Thing returns to Busby's East on Miracle Mile.

Quizmaster Daniel Halden is whipping out some truly top-shelf quiz fun, highlighted by video puzzle "Crisp Game Arena (a.k.a. Recipe Anagrams)"…

 "I can't wait to be butchered, cooked, and eaten!"

Can you ID the popular dish whose name is anagramed above, accompanied by three key ingredients? Of course you can. How about ten others? Find out on Sunday.

For the audio round, we got "10 Syllables (a favorite of a language geek like me, and you, probably). And more multimedia fun with "We'll See You Next Week on…?": Can you name the TV show based on the video clip of its closing credits? Plus, "Movies Go Moobak!": Cinematic explosions become implosions when run in reverse, and you name the film. Trivia don't get no more spectacular, my party-happy friends.

Now, let's talk prizes…$200 for first place! Amazing, as always! And still on the L.A. prize train, as they are all summer, is Eat See Hear, the city's premier outdoor movie/music/food truck fiesta. (The next event is downtown this Saturday, but we can't talk about it, 'cause it's Fight Club.)

And this month, a truly fantastic new sponsor—passes to L.A.'s epicenter of nerd-performance culture, The NerdMelt Showroom!

First of all, the location couldn't get nerdier: It's a cozy nook in the back of comic-book store Meltdown Comics, fer crissakes. It's a room that any sane person who deem fit only for storing excess copies of 1990s Spawn comics, or perhaps a card table hosting Dungeons & Dragons, but certain nerds had a vision. A couple years ago, Meltdown teamed up with Nerdist Industries (run by TV-nerd titan/comedian Chris Hardwick), and created this storied Showroom. Bottom line: The NMS has some serious cred in certain corners (those corners being the ones I live in, the ones you live in, and the ones the Big Quiz Thing thrives in).

You know you love it

We're giving away some passes to NerdMelt Showroom events, and just a look at the calendar makes my nerd parts all tingly: various brands of comedy, "Horrible Movie Night," an erotic fan-fiction competition, live podcast tapings, classic Doctor Who screenings (I mean, duh), and plenty more of an indescribable nature. The NerdMelt Showroom is at Meltdown Comics, 7522 Sunset Boulevard, in that City of Angels; more details galore at nerdmeltla.com.

And this just in: Meltdown Comics is tossing in two $25 gift certificates into the mix! Hey, kids: COMICS!!! (And collectibles, etc.)

And we'll see you, ready to nerd out, at Busby's East—Sunday, June 16, 7pm. Braaaains!


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