May 21, 2013

NYC quiz recap: Monday, May 20

Great, great night in New York, at our usual haunt of the Cutting Room. Serious fun was had by all.

First, our opening comedian, Myq Kaplan, killed  (that's a good thing, BTW). I knew you folks would dig him—he's definitely a thinking-person's type comic, as is any comedian who ends his set on a pun linking the Holocaust to The Matrix. Learn all you need to know about him at

Tonight we presented the rare BQT video puzzle based on the world of sports—not my forte, I readily admit. Thus, "Moments in Sports: They're Grrreat!" included many great "sports" moments, e.g., Hulk Hogan defeating Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III (everyone knew the competitors, lots of teams guessed too early a year) and Daniel Larusso conquering Johnny Lawrence (a.k.a. Ivan Drago, per a the night's best Smart-Ass Point) in The Karate Kid. You can never watch that too many times…

Similar joy was produced by the audio round, "History Through Music (Not Music Through History)," the only place where the band Phoenix comes chronologically earlier than the Bee Gees. (Forty years, to be exact.) And hey, unlike quizgoers in Chicago, some of you knew this excellent, excellent Pulp song. Smart and cultured!

Along the way, we discussed names for grandmothers (yes, if you're Hawaiian, you probably have a tutu), the geographical origin of '90s one-hit wonders (turns out "Marcy Playground" is in Minneapolis, but the band is from NYC), and whether Iron Ma would be a better superhero film (the consensus: definitely).

The finale brought some surprises: Returning champs Gerard Depardouche made it to only fourth place, with the two winningest teams in BQT history—the Fantastic Fournicators and Incontinental Congress —not even placing that high. Instead, it was perennial runners-up Cash Cab 4 Cutie (which scored a nearly perfect 19 points on the video round), longtime contenders Jefferson Davis Starship, and newcomers And Yahoo's Stock Takes a Tumble (only squad to ace the audio round). It quickly became a tie game as Stu of CC4C knew about the Scoville scale and Roger of AYSTAT displayed knowledge of the Hebrew word for "whale." No one could recall a character name from Mister Rogers's Neighborhood of Make-Believe, but Stu finally clinched victory when he proved his knowledge of this guy:

And thus Cash Cab wins for the first time in more than a year. Well earned.

NEXT: We return to Littlefield in Brooklyn on June 13 for the Big '90s Quiz Thing; details in this space very soon. Then July 9, our Sneak Preview TV Screening Party and NYC Quiz, at the Highline Ballroom; details in this space relatively soon. And of course, the TV show debuts July 14—my birthday, in fact. It's going to be a big summer, my friends.


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