May 13, 2013

NYC quiz preview: Monday, May 20: Opening act Myq Kaplan!

New York! Land of the Big Quiz Thing's birth! As we gear up for our debut on NYC's televisual airwaves, we've got another live quiz spectacular coming up, this Monday the 20th, at our current home of the supremely chichi Cutting Room. (If you need no convincing, buy your tickets now—only $10 in advance, plus $20 for dinner/drinks.)

Lots of fun on tap for this one: A brand-new video puzzle gimmick—"Moments in Sports: They're Grrreat!"—is striking a blow to correct our frequent anti-jock bias (though have no fear, nerds; I am indeed considering pro wrestling to be "sports"). Our audio round is another new concept: "History Through Music (Not Music Through History)," plus we'll be visiting "The Candy Bar Corner Corner" and looking at some "Summer Movie Sequel Trai-s" (only one way to find out what the hell I'm talking about…). Plus the Text Message Challenge, the Lightning Round, the buzzertastic Three-Way Finale, you name it. New York's best and most fun live trivia experience just keeps getting bester and more funner.

And what an opening act for the evening: Comedian Myq Kaplan.

Myq has hit all the marks for a rising comedian in this day and age, having performed on on Last Comic Standing, The Tonight Show, Letterman, Conan, Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central Presents and a bunch of massively listened-to podcasts (sample all of the preceding at He produced a best-selling comedy album, Vegan Mind Meld (yes, he is), and the dude is just downright hysterical, but in a gratifyingly cerebral way (he manages to squeeze jokes out of grammar and philosophy, without being at all obnoxious about it). Enjoy him on Comedy Central Presents

What an honor to have him welcoming you all to this edition of the BQT. (By the way, I've been acquainted with him for nearly 20 years, and yes, he was known as "Myq" even back then.) Tomorrow, be right here as we to tell you about the magnificent prize haul at this show—the $200 grand prize is just the tip of the quizberg—but if you're already sold, buy your cheap advance tickets now!


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