May 6, 2013

Chicago quiz recap: Thursday, May 2

Happy Monday! Word has come in from Chicago about our triumphant first post-C2E2 show in that fair city, courtesy Midwest Quizmistress Katie V and our fine venue, Uncommon Ground in Edgewater. Great show…but I'm reluctant to give too many details, for fear of spoiling you folks in L.A. (who get this content May 19), NYC (May 20), and Boston (not till June 17).

But I can say this: The video puzzle, "Moments in Sports: They're Grrrreat!!," was very well received; it isn't often we dedicate a full round to the world of field and ball, since I was one of those kids, but I like to throw the jocks a bone every now and then (um, uh…). I worked hard to make it as non-sports-person-friendly as possible, and it looks like it delivered in Chicago; some fun surprises for you all who have this game in your future. I can tell you to expect this…

Do something with wax…

The audio puzzle was "History Through Music (Not Music Through History)"—as knowledge of historical events assisted players in puzzling our almost-completely unrelated song titles. Alas, it seems the quiz fans of Chicago know less about the band Pulp than they should (seriously this song is the greatest), but it's always good to learn, right?

The '90s. They happened.

Thursday was the Chi-town debut of Smart-Ass Point stickers, which were a big hit. Best SAP of the evening? To cut costs, the Post Office has announced that it will no longer deliver packages to the bottom of Dick Cheney's soul.

The standings:
1. Team Huck
2. XBox Pancake/SRS BSNS (tie)
4. Krumping Butoh
5. Charleston Bound
6. Gloria Gonightly 

Special thanks to a that last team, Gloria Gonightly—just a woman with that name, playing all by her lonesome—who managed to win the Text Message Challenge. She will return, we predict.

NEXT: We're booked at Uncommon Ground through the end of the summer, Thursdays: June 6, July 11, and August 1. Make it happen, friends.


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