April 8, 2013

NYC prize sponsor: STFU, Parents

The prize haul at next Monday's NYC BQT (at the eminently delicious Cutting Room) is truly epic, my friends. I've already filled you in on the basics, but inevitably, some more…

As seen on Good Morning America, read in Salon, and voyeuristically obsessed over by millions of Internet-goers, STFU, Parents is the world's No. 1 blog for insufferable-Mommy-and-Daddy schadenfreude. In just four years, BQT pal Blair Koenig has collected tens of thousands of examples of the modern American (and, let's face it, often Brooklynite) parent who just can't keep their piehole zipped over their little bundle of tax breaks, even when the rest of us couldn't give a Bugaboo. STFU, Parents attracts thousands of readers daily (one or two more than this here blog), and now, naturally, Blair's written a book: STFU, Parents: The Jaw-Dropping, Self-Indulgent, and Occasionally Rage-Inducing World of Parent Overshare. Yeah, she's probably going to hell, but so are we all.

The book has picked up a lot of nice media attention (the Salon link again), and hey, the BQT is part of the tour: Blair has kicked in a few copies as giveaways this Monday night. This is a sickeningly funny volume, people—emphasis on sickeningly: prepare for poop, barf, and breast-milk humor (I made the mistake of reading the reference to the consistency and color of Smucker's peanut butter while enjoying my breakfast yesterday). Amazon the crap (heh) out of this thing now, or check out the STFU, Parents blog, or be smart and win one on April 15. More prizes in this space anon.


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