April 17, 2013

L.A. quiz preview: Sunday, Apr 21

Yeppers, Angelenos: The Big Quiz Thing continues its monthly triumphant run at Busby's East, this Sunday, April 21, at 7pm. Simply put, there is no better multimedia trivia experience in all the City of Angels.

Why, you ask? First of all: prizes! The winning team takes home a cool $200 in solid cash. Plus, we have plenty more nifty prizes for top teams, including goodies from our two big sponsors this month: the Eat See Hear festival and Mystery Trip LA. More on that below…

x 200

But first, the more important reason this edition of the BQT is unmissable: the best damn live quiz action you'll find anywhere. This month we have one of our favorite (and funniest) video puzzles, "Public Zoo" (your knowledge of both fauna and geography will be duly tested), plus the audio-round delights of "Deutsch/Nicht Deutsch" (actual German knowledge not necessary, but eh, it couldn't hurt). We're also delighting you with multimedia games "What's the Title of That Song I'm Sick Of?" and "Who Are You (and Whatcha Got Cookin?), plus the Text Message Challenge, the Lightning Round, the Three-Way Finale, and the smartest, most entertaining "figureoutable" trivia questions anywhere. Don't you just love my passion?

Now then, the sponsors: Eat See Hear is Los Angeles's premier outdoor fest of movies, food trucks and live events, and it just proves how awesome L.A. is that there's even competition for that title. The '13 season kicks off May 11 with the first film being—but of course—Raiders of the Lost Ark, ending September 14 with The Breakfast Club. In between, every Saturday night it's a stone-cold classic: The Princess Bride, Clueless, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Fight Club, Coming to America—basically, your fondest childhood/stoned-dorm-room memories are back. (Speaking of stoned: food trucks! The schedule is TBD, but we're assured it's "all your favorites." All of them!) The particulars of the "Hear" element are also still the works, but expect awesome live bands all summer long, you lucky Californians, you. A few fortunate BQT players this Sunday will take home some free passes to ESH events, because we're awesome like that. Learn more about Eat See Hear at EatSeeHear.com (quite logically).

Also on the prize-sponsor tip: one of our L.A. stalwarts, Mystery Trip LA!

MTLA organizes fantastic, unique, mysterious tours of the L.A. area, for the public and corporate events (LA Weekly called it the "Best Bizarro Tour Bus Event Thingie," naturally). And they have a big public one coming up on May 18. The particulars, you ask? Oh, then it wouldn't be mysterious, would it? Ooooh! Check out MysteryTripLA.com, or buy tix for May 18 right here. Or win them on Sunday at the BQT!

Plus, we have more goodies on tap for lucky winners: some Hollywood swag; cookies; a gift card from our fabulous venue, Busby's East; and more. Still not sold? Watch this:

This Sunday, the 21st, 7pm, Busby's East. Seriously.


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