April 11, 2013

Chicago quiz recap: Thursday, Apr 4

So yeah, we're late with this, but much shenanigans in the BQT world nationwide. Word from our Chicago's Quizmistress Katie about last week's live quiz spectacular at Uncommon Ground.

So we've been doing the Text Message Challenge for some time now, with great success (the wave of the quizzical future, my friends). And one aspect of the Challenge is avoiding the pitfalls of autocorrect—I purposely write TMC questions whose answers won't pop up automatically on your phone when you begin writing them. Thus, autocorrect fails abound, for which we don't give credit (nope, the proper name of Jewish holiday that took place a few weeks ago wasn't "Peach"). Last week in Chicago was a prime example: The reclusive author whose appeared on The Simpsons is most certainly not named "Pinching." But good effort.

Top to bottom, a great night at Uncommon Ground, with a whole mess of new teams, new trivia, new fun, new joys. And new Smart-Ass Points: Someone thought Mario Batali's legal name is "Creepy Leprechaun," which is oddly appropriate. In Boston, during the "Deutsch/Nicht Deutsch" audio puzzle, tons of teams wrongly identified Patti Page as Patsy Cline, but one Chi squad was closer to the mark, calling her "the German Patsy Cline." And the Big Star song "In the Street" was the basis for the theme song to CSI: Sesame Street.

Finally, in all of her resourcefulness, QK managed to pick up a weird, German-themed mystery prize: this nutty clock…

A cherished heirloom for generations to come, I'm sure.

The standings:
1. XBox Pancake: Returning champs manage to two-peat!
2. SRS BSNS: Winners of that fine, fine clock, plus passes to Adler After Dark at the Adler Planetarium!
3. What's Our Name?
4. Your Face
5. Crack is Whack
6. Lollapasnooza
7. Four Square Turbo Lovers
8. IB Smarty Pants
9. Flower Power

We're back on Thursday, May 2…though before that, I'm personally coming to town to join Quizmistress Katie at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, and a very special ultra-geeky-themed BQT spectacular (Saturday afternoon at 3:15pm). Details about this nexus of nerddom right here. I'll be hyping this thing till you puke on FB and Twitter, have no fear.


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