April 29, 2013

Chicago quiz preview: Thursday, May 2

I just got back from a wonderful, whirlwind weekend in Chicago, where our Chi-town host, Quizmistress Katie, joined me in entertaining the masses (seriously, masses) at C2E2, the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo, the Midwest equivalent of NY Comic Con. We exported our annual NYCC quiz show to tremendous success: hundreds of players, hundreds of ounces of fun.

Yeah, it was a comic convention…

And hopefully, lots of new fans for our monthly Chicago hit, at Edgewater's Uncommon Ground. We're on the first Thursday of every month with a grab bag multimedia quiz on any and all subjects, including this week, May 2, at 8pm. Simply put, there is no better trivia experience in all the City of Big Shoulders.

Why, you ask? First of all: prizes! The winning team takes home a cool $200 in solid cash. Plus, we have plenty more nifty prizes for top teams, including goodies from this month's big sponsor: the Adler Planetarium.

x 200

This month, Chicago has the good fortune of experiencing the world premiere of the BQT May content. A brand-new video puzzle—"Moments in Sports: They're Grrreat!"—is a good occasion to correct our frequent anti-jock bias (though have no fear, nerds; I am indeed considering pro wrestling to be "sports"). Our audio round is another new concept: "History Through Music (Not Music Through History)," plus we'll be visiting "The Candy Bar Corner Corner" and looking at some "Summer Movie Sequel Trai-s" (only one way to find out what the hell I'm talking about…). And of course, the unique Text Message Challenge, the Lightning Round, the Three-Way Finale, and the smartest, most entertaining "figureoutable" trivia questions anywhere. Don't you just love my passion?

Now then, our big prize sponsor: The legendary Adler Planetarium, specifically its monthly Adler After Dark party. Every third Thursday of the month, the AP throws its doors open from 6 to 10pm to anyone over the age of 21, to explore the planetarium's exhibits in the proper milieu (i.e., at night and with cocktail in hand), and have a rare chance to gaze through the Doane Observatory, the largest telescope open to the public in the Midwest (those fancy astronomers keep the real big ones to themselves, I figure). Tickets normally run $17, but we've got pairs to give away all summer long at the BQT. Learn more at AdlerPlanetarium.com, or buy those tickets right here.

The place? It is space.

Plus, we have more goodies on tap for lucky winners: some excellent books and DVDs; cookies; a gift card from our fabulous venue, Uncommon Ground; and more. This Thursday, May 2, 8pm, trivia nirvana. We shall see you there…