March 1, 2013

Our Chicago quizmistress: Future TV foodie star!

For you quizgoers in Chicago, the presence of Quizmistress Katie is undoubtedly a highlight of the BQT experience. (As she was for Boston fans when she was my sidekick in that city.) All the more reason to be at Uncommon Ground in Edgewater this Monday, as we present a special non-Thursday edition of BQT Chi-Town. (Fun and important details right here.)

Two important things you should know about her: (1) Today is her birthday. Show her some love via the Twittersphere; (2) recently, because ruling her own BQT fiefdom is just not enough stardom for this lady, she's embarked upon a campaign to be the new host of Chicago's favorite food-scene TV show, Check, Please! It's been a staple of WTTW (PBS, yo!) since 2001, inspiring spin-offs in various other markets, and even counting among its early guests a barely known Illinois state senator who went by the obviously made-up name of Barack Obama.

Now it's Katie's turn: Check, Please! is casting about for a new host, and she's pushing hard for the gig. Observe:

Case closed, right? Be there Monday and tell her congratulations.


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