March 4, 2013

NYC quiz preview: Tuesday, March 12

Oh, on it is! Following our insanely successful Big '80s Quiz Thing last month at the Cutting Room, we've officially made the CR our NYC public-show home: We'll be there once a month through at least the summer. (Yes, with two video screens every time.) You got a quiz itch, we know how to scratch it.

This month, it's all happening on Tuesday the 12th—back from the '80s to our standard grab-bag format (though we have some nifty themed events in the pipeline). Five rounds of the world's greatest trivia, with a new video puzzle titled "So, What's Missing?," the audio excitement of "Music: In 3-D" (it's not what you think) a St. Patrick's Day minigame titled "Drunken Irish Drinking Songs" (it's pretty much exactly what you think), the Text Message Challenge, the Lightning Round, the Three Way Finale, Smart-Ass Points, the $200 grand prize, and lots more. Grab your tickets now and sleep easily at night.

A few important notes:

—First, the nitty-gritty: The Cutting Room is a high-class NYC venue, so naturally they charge a per-person minimum ($20 at the moment). This means you really, really don't want to grab a slice before you arrive. Fortunately, the food there is excellent, including a just-launched new menu. (And yes, drinks purchased at the outer bar preshow go toward the minimum, to answer one person's question.)

—From now on, it's a quality guest performer at every show: In January, Christian Finnegan absolutely killed (proving yet again why I did not have what it takes to be a stand-up), and in February we had the live-karaoke might of the Human Karaoke Experience. And this month, it's another big one: Ace stand-up—and host of NPR's quiz show Ask Me AnotherOphira Eisenberg.

Like Christian, Ophira is an old mate from my stand-up days, and we've recently reconnected via working together on AMA (which is really fantastic and more than worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as the BQT, and not just when they're playing one of my games). It's a true honor to have her doing the opening-act honors on the 12th.

—And as always, a tremendous slate of prizes. $200 for first place, naturally; a couple free passes for the top-scoring newcomers. And our friends at the Brooklyn Museum are back, throwing in a few more passes. What, you still haven't checked out Judy Chicago's installation The Dinner Party? Come to the BQT and try to win the chance to do it gratis.

You'd have to be a serious misogynist to not think this piece is awesome.

We also have a whole bunch of excellent, excellent theater tickets: Totally Tubular Time Machine, which has been filling our coffers for a few months now, along with The Accidental Pervert, Newsical, Fucking Up Everything, Detroit '67, and Nobody Loves You. Details on all of them in this space in the coming days.

So you're waiting for what exactly? Snag those tickets now, my good men and women…


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