March 11, 2013

Coming soon to NYC: Big Quiz Thing speed-dating!

It never ends, my friends. More new fun for New York's discerning quizgoer—specifically, in this case, the single Jewish heterosexual quizgoer in their 30s or 40s…

Announcing our new partnership with HurryDate, America's premier speed-dating company. On Tuesday, April 16, we're presenting the very first edition of trivia speed-dating, at tony East Side lounge The Hill. And you thought your knowledge of '90s teen soap operas could never get you action.

You are most certainly not alone.

Many moons ago, I attended a trivia dating event, and I was brutally disappointed. Not regarding the quiz content (well, I was disappointed by that, but I'm notoriously hard to please with that, as you might imagine, and anyway, that's not my point here), and not regarding the fact that I didn't get any dates out of it (eh, whatever), but by the format. I was one of three men who every round revolved to a different team of three women, to join forces on a standard pub-quiz-style event. It just didn't seem very conducive to getting to know someone, as the women spent much of their energy talking to the other women, and the men were basically competing with one another to attract the ladies' attention. Although come to think of it, that's the dynamic of pretty much every remotely singles-oriented event I've ever attended. But hey, I'm a problem-solver, and I saw it as a problem to be solved.

"I don't think you're actually Jewish. I don't think I am either."

And I believe I've done it: We've melded major-league quiz fun with speed-dating. Just like typical SDing, every five minutes each participant will be paired with one member of the opposite sex for a minidate. Except in that five minutes, I'll be challenging you to answer a few of the BQT's trademark high-quality, multimedia trivia questions. Each couple will collaborate on an answer, put both their names on the answer slip, then move on to a new partner for the next round. We'll keep track of each person's individual score, and at the end of the dates, the top three men and the top three women will take part in a buzzertastic finale, to determine the evening's he-winner and she-winner. For glory and yes, prizes.

These people had never met till I got them together. Now they all live together.

This event is geared toward straight Jewish New Yorkers in their 30s or 40s—seemed like the most fertile (heh) age demo, and making it hetero means we're drawing from the biggest pool for our first time out. And Jewish because, hey, NYC and all. HurryDate has been a joy to work with, so if this goes swimmingly, we'll hopefully expand to other ages, other orientations, other cities, and other traditions of worship and cuisine.

It's Tuesday, April 16, 7:30pm. Registration is here. Love and fun await in equal proportion!


Anonymous said...

OMG. Please, please, please bring this to Boston. Stat. We'll ask you again next time we see you in Cambridge.

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