February 11, 2013


In the midst of the mania, friends (the first two tapings of the BQT TV show went fantastically, thanks for asking), it is indeed Oscars season. Who will win? How many have you seen? What will people wear? Do you actually care?

We here at the BQT do, so we're doing the first ever Big Oscars Quiz Thing…in two locations! Double the fun for someone who's bicoastal and suffers from the kind of amnesia that dude in Memento had!

Appropriately, it's happening first in the land of silver-screen dreams, Hollywood (or thereabouts), this Sunday, February 17, at our Los Angeles home of Busby's East. The usual five-round multimedia format, but with a top-to-bottom Academy Awards theme: Everything about past winners, current nominees, ridiculous red-carpet outfits, the proverbial works, all for fabulous prizes (details to come), topped off by the $200 grand jackpot. Credit L.A. quizmaster Daniel Halden for this; when I told him we were planning an NYC Big Oscars Quiz Thing, he begged for the chance to do the same out West, seeing as how he's an absolute Academy Awards savant. (Dude can name every Best Picture winner in chronological order. I'd scoff, but I can do the same with U.S. Vice Presidents, so I'm shutting right up.)

Also, credit Dan further: Normally, I personally write a good 95% of the BQT material (with video production by EDP), but knowing of Mr. Halden's Oscar savant-ness, I asked him to access said genius for this edition, and a whole bunch of the questions have sprung from his fertile mind. Multimedia puzzles include "20 Best Pictures: All at Once," "Beeeessstt Soooong Wiiiineeeers," "2013 Best Picture Nominees—Up Close and Personal," and "Shut Up and Get Off the Stage." Fun, right? It'll be an honor just to play. Sunday, 2/17, 7pm at Busby's East (Wilshire at LaBrea). Enjoy this L.A. BQT promo video one more time:

Then, a week later, it's the big day, that should-be national holiday, the gay Super Bowl: Oscars Sunday! It's February 24, and the BQT will be finding itself back the site of the Tenth Anniversary Quiz Show Marathon and the Big Family Quiz Thing, 92YTribeca. Now it's the site of the NYC edition of the Big Oscars Quiz Thing: the same cut-above quiz show as on the Left Coast, but with something special: Stick around after the quiz to watch the Oscars ceremony on 92YT's big screen, all for one low ticket price. (Advance tickets available here; might be smart to buy now, since we're thankfully getting some nice press for this.) Sweet prizes, too: We're forgoing the cash prize, but we'll have plenty of other goodies in the works, including tickets to some of NYC's primo theatrical experiences. (What about film experiences, you ask? We're working on it, rest assured.)

It all starts at 6pm, with the red-carpet action beginning around 7:30pm. Buy your tickets now—you'll like it, you'll really, really like it.