February 20, 2013

L.A. quiz recap: The Big OSCARS Quiz Thing, Sunday, Feb 17

Word from L.A. quizmaster Mr. Daniel Halden about last Sunday's debut of the Big Oscars Quiz Thing (coming to NYC this weekend!)…

In celebration of Hollywood's biggest night (a week early), BQTLA returned on Sunday with its very first themed Oscar show—five fun-filled rounds focused entirely on the Academy Awards. Fabulous prize sponsors included Mystery Trip L.A., Mortified L.A.,
Terminator Too Judgment Play and Four Letter Theatre's The Meat Shall Inherit. With trivia spanning from the very first Best Picture winner to this year's 85-year-old Best Actress nominee, a host of teams battled it out in a fierce match. After a video round in which teams had to name 20 Best Picture winners all playing at the same time (!) and an audio puzzle featuring slowed-down Best Song honorees, three top teams were left standing: Streaking Meteor Shows Off Its Shortcomings, Trivia De Havilland and Nerds with Answers. In a truly impressive showing, Team Streaking Meteor eked out a victory over L.A. finale fixture Trivia De Havilland (usually referred to as Trivia Newton-John—nice variation!). The winning answer? Having to identify one of the two 1973 Best Supporting Actress nominees who was under the age of 18. Almost 40 years after becoming the youngest person to ever win a competitive Oscar, she's still worth something—in this case, the grand prize of $200.

Dan and friends are back at Busby's East on Sunday, March 17, as they are on every third Sunday of the month, with the West Coast's best quizgoing experience. Miss at your own extreme peril,