February 14, 2013

L.A. quiz preview: The Big OSCARS Quiz Thing, this Sunday!

The Oscars! The Academy Awards! Hollywood's biggest night! More Entertainment Tonight clichés! (Is that show even still on?) It's only ten days away, my movie-geek brethren and sistren. But far, far more important is that we're only three days away from the Los Angeles edition of our first Big Oscars Quiz Thing—yes, what better place to serve as our movie-quiz training ground that the BQT edition located in (a place extremely close to) Hollywood? And boy, do we got silver-screen fun: All the ace multimedia trivia fun you demand from the BQT, with an Academy Awards focus, befitting the nerdiest of movie nerds.

The multimedia puzzles are set to go, and they're Klieg-light-worthy levels of awesome; in fact, after I sent them to L.A. quizmaster Mr. Dan, he had a mini freak-out of joy on Facebook. Join us for "20 Best Pictures: All at Once" (seriously!), "Beeest Sooong Wiiineeers," "2013 Best Picture Nominees: Up Close and Personal," 'Say Thank You and Get Off the Stage," a nameless test of your knowledge of Best Score winners, and tons more, including the smartest, most fun Oscar trivia questions known to humankind. Plus, the usual fun stuff: The Text Message Challenge, the Lightning Round, the Three-Way Finale, etc. indeed.

And hoo-boy, do we got prizes. First place—the team, I think, that could confidently declare itself Los Angeles's undisputed masters of movie-trivia knowledge—will snag the grand jackpot of $200. Almost as good as a gold statue of a bald naked dude holding a sword, right?

The other top teams will get some sweet stuff from our sponsors: First, one of our favorite L.A. prize partners, Mystery Trip L.A. 

Join them, will you not, for a cryptic voyage through La-La-Land. Unlike most tour companies that, you know, tell you where you're going, MTLA delightfully keeps you in the proverbial dark as long as possible. All they can tell you is that it allows you to "experience unique and fun events, eat great food, explore forgotten treasures, discover little-known gems and to interact with the bizarre characters that make our humble little city so wonderful." And I know you like bizarre, people who like answering weirdo trivia questions. In fact, LA Weekly declared it "Best Bizarro Drunken Tour Bus Event Thingie," and deservedly so. Learn more at mystertripla.com.

Also on board: Show tickets, show tickets! How about this?

Yes, that's right. Because who watched that 1991 sci-fi apocalypse-anxiety liquid-robot-plagued cinema classic and didn't think, "This would make an awesome play!" Better yet—an interactive play, because in the spirit of the famed Point Break Live! (same cast and production team, it turns out), the lead part is played by a lucky audience volunteer. (Arnold in this case, not Edward Furlong.) As the website declares…

"Get blasted by super-soakers! Witness the scorching of He-Man action figures! Be dazzled by James Cameron’s revolutionary action sequences and special effects... recreated LIVE (in true 3D)… with next to no budget at all!"

See, it's stuff like this that explains why you don't live in Idaho. Terminator Too: Judgement Play happens every Saturday night at the Dragonfly, 6510 Santa Monica Blvd. Buy tix here, or win them at the BOQT this Sunday. Nice!

Also, our longtime friends at Four Letter Theatre are tossing in some passes to their latest unique stage experience: The Meat Shall Inherit

It's described as "A deliciously dark comedy about family, traditions, religion, and the things you shouldn't do with cats.…As the saying goes: Blood is thicker than water...adjust recipes accordingly." In other words, this is some crazy awesome shit. L.A., baby! It's playing through early March at Studio/Stage, 520 N. Western Ave. Tix and more details here; or just get lucky this Sunday night.

Plus, we got some additional goodies…including, as always, a gift card from our august Los Angeles venue, Busby's East! That's where we'll be rolling out the red carpet, this Sunday night, 7pm, for the amazingness that is the world's first ever Big Oscars Quiz Thing. Come, accept your award.


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