February 6, 2013

Boston quiz recap: Monday, Feb 4

Yes! Another packed, packed house at Oberon Monday night for the latest edition of BQT Boston. An especially fun night, for so many reasons…

—We treated Harvard Square to the latest edition of our marquee video puzzle, “The Bipolar Movie Challenge.” Unlike in NYC and L.A., no controversy over whether it was Short Circuit or Short Circuit 2 (um, ‘cause this time I did my homework), and much delight all around.

—Showing you just what kind of nerds are Big Quiz Thing nerds, we had a whole mess of team names playing off the amazing archaeological discovery of the week: the bones of Richard III buried beneath an English parking lot. We had That’s the Third Richard We Dug Up This Week, They Curs-ed My Bones and Put Up a Parking Lot, Where Did You Park My Hunchback?, and more. Yet only one team name called back to the Super Bowl: I Wanna Kill 2 People and Then Win 2 Super Bowls. Classy!

—A truly banner evening for Smart-Ass Points, despite running low on Smart-Ass Point stickers (those have been a huge hit, we need to order them in massive bulk next time): The biblical epithet shouted at Bob Dylan during a 1966 concert was “Play that funky music, white boy,” from Revelations. The film that featured a prolong chant of “It just doesn’t matter!” was The Republican National Convention. Who killed Laura Palmer on Twin Peaks? Arnold Palmer, with a golf club, in the study. Who died in September 1978, only 33 days into his new job? Keith Richards. And a ton of Smart-Ass callbacks to sidekick Wes Hazard’s opening-comedy-set reference to black Segway riders (but you’re wrong, Wes—nobody needs to know about Segways, not just black people).

The finale was on the more exciting end of things, as the returning champs—formerly the Quips team, this time They Curs-ed My Bone…—made it only to fourth place (likewise, their perpetual rivals, Ed Koch Kicks Ass!!, were fifth), leaving us with the other Boston big guns, the Monstrous Humanoids, and two never-before victors: That’s the Third Richard We Dug Up This Week and Argh! I’m a Pirate. Tight competition, and it ended up a tied game with one point all (Humanoid Jason didn’t know the proper order of colors of a standard piece of candy corn, but TTTRWDUTW-er Ben managed to steal the point). But then Ben claimed victory with some specific knowledge about the very first winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture. Huzzah!

The standings:
1. That’s the Third Richard We Dug Up This Week: First ever victory after many close calls. Happy day!
2. Argh! I’m a Pirate/The Monstrous Humanoids (tie)
4. They Curs-ed My Bones and Put Up a Parking Lot
5. Ed Koch Kicks Ass!!: But how were they doin’?
6. Ice Cream Antisocial (tie for first place halfway though, but alas)/I Wanna Kill 2 People and Then Win 2 Super Bowls/Louisa May Alcottage Cheese (tie)
9. Where Did You Park My Hunchback?
10. Broken Chromosomes

NEXT: We’re back at Oberon Monday, March 4, with more super-duper excitement. Stay tuned.


Matt Carman said...

The tension was palpable in this write-up. Good work, Boston, and also the team of British parking lot researchers who you bankrolled so that everyone could have clever team names this week.

Harbhandyman said...

Just played the Cluedo/Clue Tudor edition. It was Henry VII in the car park with the spade

Harbhandyman said...

Just played the Cluedo/Clue Tudor edition. It was Henry VII in the car park with the spade

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