January 9, 2013

The Big Family Quiz Thing: PRIZES!

Just days away, friends of all ages: The first Big Family Quiz Thing, this Sunday at 92YTribeca (tickets on sale now). For kids ages 8 to 108, a fast-paced multimedia team trivia challenge, sponsored by Time Out New York Kids. Fun to the max. (Do the kids still say that? Almost certainly not.)

And prizes! Here's what we have on tap:

Tickets to Rogers & Hammerstein's Cinderella on Broadway: Coming soon to the Great White Way, the story that stories don't get any more classic than. Written by R&H themselves—but never before produced on Broadway—this is a spectacular, all-stops-pulled-out superproduction of the tale, perfect for the princess (or budding theater nerd) in your life. Previews begin at the end of the month, and the show opens in March; we have a few tickets for whichever lucky players fit into the trivial slipper. Learn more at cinderellaonbroadway.com.

Tickets to the Gazillion Bubble Show: "The Most Unbubblievable Family Show in NYC" has been running at Off Broadway's supreme New World Stages for several years now, wowing countless New Yorkers with its soapy wizardry. These performers, members of the Yang family, do things with bubbles—yes, I said bubbles—that have to be seen to be even remotely comprehended. We at the BQT have loved them for years (they were on board the sponsor train for our 2010 Clash of the Trivia Champions), and knew they'd be perfect additions to the Family haul. More details at gazillionbubbleshow.com.

Gift basket and gift cards from Tribeca Treats: Oh, yum. We'll be gathering in Tribeca, after all, so it only seemed logical to get goodies from the neighborhood's premier treaterie, located at 94 Reade Street. Got a sweet tooth? TT has the cookies, chocolates, cupcakes et al., that will sate said tooth. And hey, some lucky Big Family Quiz Thing players get a gift basket and gift cards! More details at tribecatreats.com.

Gift cards from Shakespeare & Co. Booksellers: One of NYC's last remaining awesome independent booksellers, S&Co. is a browser's paradise, whatever the age of the browser. (And yes, they have far more than just Shakespeare, or even just theater books; note the & Co.) I mean, look at that photo—that's the way a bookstore is supposed to look, am I right? Four locations in the city—I'm partial to the one in the East Village on Broadway, where I spent many an aimless Sunday afternoon after first moving to town. Fun stuff at shop.shakeandco.com.

Goodies from Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store: In the heart of family-friendly Brooklyn—Boerum Hill, if not Park Slope—is this "modern general store for a well-lived life." Tons of cool and useful stuff in Annie's environs—they were the source of the nifty candy mustaches that were an unexpected hit at our tenth anniversary Quiz Marathon last June—and we're getting a random selection to thrill the family masses with this Sunday. More at blueribbongeneralstore.net.

A family pack to 92YTribeca's own Bring Your Own Kid: Every Sunday morning—including this weekend, before the BFQT—our fine, fine venue hosts Bring Your Own Kid, a fun, friendly, family-oriented concert event in its big, beautiful showroom. Some of the country's best kid-friendly bands and musicians are regulars on the stage, and the delicious 92Y Café treats flow like, um, bagels and coffee. Come to our show and maybe win the chance to enjoy it for the bargain-basement price of free. The schedule and details right here.

 A $50 gift card to The Children's Place: Not having children myself, I often shudder at the horror that must be buying clothes for kids…then buying more…then buying more…etc. So this will be a welcome prize: a cool 50 bucks at The Children's Place, an extremely well-named children's-clothing emporium. Fifteen locations in NYC, or shop online.

And perhaps the grand prize…

A feature about the winning kid on the website of Time Out New York Kids! Yes! TONY Kids has been über-generous with the press support, and they're sending a photographer to cover the show in all its glory. And while yes, the game is played in teams, we're doing our usual buzzertastic Three-Way Finale, albeit with each of the top teams repped by a grown-up/kid combination. And whoever that kid is, he/she will be the star of their own feature on the mag's website. Fame, the greatest prize of them all! All you need to know about being a parent in NYC can be found at timeoutkids.com.

And that surely is not everything: At last Tuesday's adults-only BQT, our old friends On Location Tours kicked in passes to their Sex and the City and Gossip Girls tour; for the family, they're giving us passes to their epic New York TV & Movie Sites jaunt. Plus, 92YTribeca is also tossing in a couple passes to one of their many excellent movie screenings (this one's probably for Mom and Dad). And I'm digging into the hallowed BQT prize closet and pulling out any all-ages-appropriate books and DVDs. Enjoy! This Sunday, 2pm, 92YTribeca. Buy tickets now!


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