January 29, 2013

L.A. quiz recap: Sunday, Jan 27

Word has come in from beautiful Mr. Daniel Halden, our Angeleno quizmaster…

What a way to begin 2013!  In a glorious return to Busby's East for the New Year, the Big Quiz Thing L.A. saw 11 teams compete on January 27 in a heavily contested match on SAG Awards Sunday [hence the 8pm start time—they're showbiz people].. After a very tight race that included a lively semicontroversy over the difference between Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2 [just like in NYC!], three outstanding teams competed for the grand prize of $200. In the first-ever L.A. sweep of a finale, Team Panic at the Disco: The Brazil Tour walked away with the cold hard cash, beating out big-time contenders Trivia Newton-John and Les Quiz Starring Hugh Don't Know Jackman. Other prizes included tickets to Mystery Trip L.A., Mortified, The Moth StorySLAM, The Meat Shall Inherit, and Comic Book Live.

Dan also told me that we had an especially large contingent of new folks, so the word is definitely spreading along the highways of L.A. They're back at Busby's Sunday, February 17, with the Big Oscars Quiz Thing (one week before it comes to NYC); then every third Sunday. Watch the video here. And you're waiting for what?