December 11, 2012

Tonight's holiday-licious NOT-SO-SECRET SECRET CLUE!

Tonight: The final public Big Quiz Thing (in any city, actually) of 2012. Also our final show for the time being at the hipster haven of Littlefield. And just for you, it'll be our Christmahanukwanzaayear Spectacular! All the usual multimedia BQT goodies with as seasonal spin—Xmas, Chaka Khan, Kwanzaaaaaaaaaa, Amateur Night, maybe even something else—with fabulous prizes, surprises, and opening comedy from the talent-tastic Claudia Cogan. Score, my friends.

And also just for you: The Not-So-Secret Secret Clue. Use this unfair advantage tonight when your quizmaster gives the word…

It's easy when it's only one word.

BTW, it has nothing to do with our excellent, excellent audio round, "Holiday Songs: One Word at a Time." Just a coinkidink. You will learn all tonight, smart people. 7:30pm, $200 grand prize, Littlefield, cheapo tickets available online now! (And note: The R train is still wonky. Best bet is to grab the R at Jay St–MetroTech and cruise over to Union St from there.)


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