November 20, 2012

The Tenth Anniversary Quiz Show Marathon: Prize sponsors (part II)

More! A couple days ago, I filled you in about something of the superlative prize sponsors for the Boston edition of our Tenth Anniversary Quiz Show Marathon (get tickets now!). But wait…there's more…

The slogan is "Inspired. Totally Wired." My kind of place: Voltage Coffee and Art isn't just a coffeeshop: It's a classy, comfortable, well-designed coffeeshop with—hey—a rotating selection of art exhibits (complete with a website curator statement). Make a beeline for it the next time you need to get some caffeinated work done: It's in Kendall Square, 295 3rd Street. Deets at; or at the Marathon, try your luck for a couple of $10 gift cards.


A-ha! When I was prepping for the very first Boston BQT, I covered Harvard Square on foot, looking for spots to hang posters, and no place was more apropos than this: the Million Year Picnic, an awesomely old-school subterranean comic-book store at 99 Mt. Auburn Street. This is the way comic stores should be: packed to the gills with shelves of reading material, a corner of dusty back issues, a semi-hidden nook where you can leaf through porno comics. But you know this already. They're giving us two $25 gift cards; check 'em out at

A serious one: One of Boston's top theater companies, staging world-class and cutting-edge plays and musicals, out of the Boston Center for the Arts. And what a season they're in the midst of: The Motherfucker with the Hat, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (a former BQT Chicago sponsor), Other Desert Cities, In the Heights, and more. And we have a pair of tickets to any show (well, not counting the ones that have closed), to give away at the Marathon. Learn more at


Another famous staple of Harvard Square. In fact, I knew all about the Hong Kong before I'd ever heard of Oberon; former Boston B-Cutie and current Chicago Quizmistress Katie actually worked there (well, in the Comedy Studio upstairs) and told me quite a few stories about the place (ornery old dudes in the kitchen, a couple of riotous bachelorette parties, etc.). It's a legendary place that serves tasty Chinese food alongside the infamous Scorpion Bowls. Plus, karaoke—how can you go wrong? An $80 gift card is on offer; 1238 Mass Ave,


Gifts! Lego utensils! Blue monster slippers! Kirk and Spock salt-and-pepper shakers! Basically, everything you really need in life, right in Harvard Square (1792 Mass Ave, to be exact). And best of all: four $25 gift cards for some lucky Marathon-goers. Check out the awesome selection at

And more prizes in this space soon—it's getting serious! Pick up some tix before it's too late. By the way, did I tell you this?…


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