November 2, 2012

Quiz recap: Chicago 11/1/12

Sweet home, Chicago: We had our very second BQT there last night, at the fabulously delicious Edgewater location of Uncommon Ground, and much joy was spread—in addition to giving away the grand prize of $200, plus a freakin' Kindle! Quizmistress Katie (who was joined last night by new B-Cutie Erica) passed along some details…

Sadly, the champs from our Chicago debut, Tomato Cocktail Club, were unable to make the scene, but they vow to return on December 6. That left the field wide open for several returning squads and a mess of newcomers.

Apparently, after a Round 1 question in which the answer was Flo Rida, that become the running joke for the night. Only Whisper Kisses figured out the mystery behind the Mystery Audio Round, but another squad scored a Smart-Ass Point for saying "None of them are by Flo Rida" (true, but…). Other Smart-Ass highlights: The lesula is a newly discovered species of lesbian, "Intervention by the Arcade Fire is actually "some shitty Phil Collins song," and Tracey Morgan ran for President in 2000. (Hey, if only.)

And the finale: Douchenozzle Apocalypse missed it by a mere half point (argh!). Some tough questions there, but Certified Organic (whose name was apparently riffing on Uncommon Ground's tasty, tasty menu) came out on top by knowing which mammal is the namesake of a Midwest NFL team and a far west Canadian Football League team. Sports nerds are still nerds.

The standings:
1. Certified Organic
2. Co-heart:  Featuring Northwestern Ph.D. students; came from behind thanks to a perfect Lightning Round score. But who cares—they won a Kindle!
3. Whisper Kisses
4 Douchenozzle Apocalypse
5. Mascara Bunnies: A new, all-female team that won cookies after Round 3 for being in last place, and then more cookies for coming in fifth. Enjoy, ladies! (BTW, they were Quizmaster Noah's favorites: Entenmann's chocolate chip. Nothing better when you're baked, IMHO.)

Thanks to some truly superior sponsors: Second City, the Chicago Filmmakers, the Annoyance Theater, and Graham Crackers Comics, which supplied absolute geek manna via Star Wars and Marvel Comics action figures (and we got more for next month!). Plus, our fantastic venue, Uncommon Ground. See you there again on December 6—we like this town.