November 9, 2012

Buy tickets now for the BQT's Manhattan return!

At last: We're back, in more ways than one. Come January, the Big Quiz Thing will return to the  borough of its birth, Manhattan, as the show makes its new NYC home at a supremely fantastic new venue. Behold…the Cutting Room.

My homies at Time Out New York have summed it up well: A bygone music venue on 24th Street has relocated, remodeled, and reopened, and lordy, is it sweet. Co-owned by Mr. Big himself, the CR has in spades the classic-showroom vibe that has always suited the BQT best, and we're honored to be establishing it as NYC's new trivia ground zero.

We debut there on Tuesday, January 8, and it's going to be a big one: Not just six grand rounds of the best live multimedia trivia anywhere—video and audio puzzles (including a new Audio Round gimmick that I'm really excited about), the Text Message Challenge, Smart-Ass Points, the buzzermazing Three Way Finale, and a world-class prize haul—but a very special opening-act guest appearance by a stand-up comedian worthy of the BQT and a place like the Cutting Room: the great Christian Finnegan.

Star of Are We There Yet?, VH1 talking head extraordinaire, possessor of his own Comedy Central special: Finnegan has been around the block and then some, and it's a true honor to have him as our January 8 opening act. He's also extraordinarily quiz-appropriate: Remember that clip from the Tenth Anniversary Marathon of me winning a car on VH1? Yeah, well, he won the same show before I did, and was in fact the person who told me about the show, making him arguably even geekier than me.

Tickets for this fantastic event are on sale now—click here and pay only $10 (they'll be $12 at the door). We'll be at the Cutting Room once a month at least through March; stay tuned for an announcement about February 5, which will most likely be a nifty special event. And have no fear, Brooklynites: We aren't done with Littlefield yet. We continue to rock that house through the end of the year: This Tuesday, of course, with an especially fantastic prize lineup, followed by Tuesday 12/13, and most likely other dates in 2013.


Speaking of which, '13 is going to be an awfully big year for the BQT: Not just the Cutting Room, not just continuing a monthly presence in four cities, but our first ever Family Quiz, a late-February special event in the works, and…we're going to be on TV. Seriously. Keep an eye here, on Facebook, and on Twitter for details galore when the time comes.


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