October 10, 2012

Quiz recap: Scary things

And another fine night of the Big Quiz Thing at Littlefield. Months ago, the very first night we appeared at that venue, one of the managers gave us this mildly horrific thing…

He said a comedy show had left it behind and offered it to us a potential prize. Cool. So I bided my time, till tonight's pre-election show—complete with the "Political Logo A-Go-Go" video puzzle and "Gaffe-O-Rama 2012"—to make it the perfect prize. And it was; I got a promise that next show, someone's going to show up wearing this thing. (And nothing else, perhaps? Sorry, I probably didn't have to go there.)

Can't go wrong with a ghost kid…

Speaking of prizes, we had a fabulous haul tonight: Thanks to our regular BK sponsors, the Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Brewery, plus passes to a special advance screening of the boo-tiful Paranormal Activity 4, plus tickets to two excellent Off Broadway productions, The Other Josh Cohen and (deep breath) Modern Terrorism, or They Who Want to Kill Us and How We Learn to Love Them. Yes, we all love stuff.

Some Smart-Ass Point highlights—tonight featuring the debut of the Smart-Ass Point stickers:

—The 1964 political slogan "Any Feller but ????": Helen Keller
—When arguing that the Constitution was anti-slavery, Michele Bachmann cited noted Founding Father Cliff Huxtable (or Frederick Douglass).
What’s the common description: in professional sports, the physically unable to perform list, and a young dog?
 A whiny bitch.

As for the Three-Way Finale, well…the Fantastic Fournicators were going for their fourth straight victory, but they missed the top trio by—Lordy—half a point. So it fell to three of our other favorite nerd crews: Cash Cab for Cutie, Incontinental Congress, and Strippers for Stephen Hawking. It took IC only two questions to wrap it up, however (don't forget, they came out on top at our Tenth Anniversary Marathon). Here you go, bad lighting and all…

The standings:
1. Incontinental Congress: Having a great year, they are.
2. Cash Cab for Cutie
3. Strippers for Stephen Hawking
4. The Fantastic Fournicators
5. Gerard Depardouche
6. Ex Post-Factoid: Top-scoring new team, won free passes!
7. Six Degrees of Domination
8. Mein Kampf Es Su Kampf
9. The Real Houseflies of New Jersey
10. Kazoozle Krew

NEXT: We remain monthly at Littlefield through the end of the year: November 13 and December 11 (buy cheaper advance tix at littlefieldnyc.com). Plus, we're now monthly in three other big cities: Boston, L.A., and Chicago, but hey, that doesn't mean I don't love NYC any less. And yes, we're coming back to Manhattan, in 2013. Details very, very soon, my friends.


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