October 24, 2012

Boston recap: Monday 10/22

Just as I figured, the third tiresome showdown between the Kenyan Muslim Socialist and Robo-Willard 6000 wasn't enough to keep the throngs away from Oberon for the October edition of BQT Boston. A big, happy crowd was in attendance for what was, I gotta say it, one of the best editions of the show in our happy Boston-area history, not least because of the presence of our guest comedian and sidekick for the evening, Wes Hazard. Wes will be joining us again in November; I've always wanted to work with a hyperactive young Cornel West with better teeth.

The night was rife with Smart-Ass Points (greatly assisted by the still-pretty-new Smart-Ass Point stickers). My favorites…

—The rapper whose stage name was taken from his birth state is Arizona Ice-T.

—The secret theme of "The Mystery Audio Round" was "Songs that are really hard for old people to guess." Oh, silly players: That's the theme of every audio round!

—The movie whose final words of dialogue were "I swear" is Tourette's: An Autobiography (stayin' classy!).

—The only currently nonexistent country to ever win the soccer World Cup is Canada (funny on multiple levels, speaks this erstwhile Canadian).

—When pressed on her statement that the Founding Fathers "worked tirelessly to end slavery," Michele Bachmann cited that noted anti-slavery-crusading FF, Jefferson Davis (the right answer is only a couple degrees less absurd).

—And this song…

…is "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys. Nice!

The finale came down to two regulars and a wild card: The Monstrous Humanoids, the Dead Person Kicks Ass!! squad (this time known as Larry Sloan Verb Body Part!!—click the link and all will be revealed) and Binders Full of Romnesia, a team that had never done better than tying for fifth place in the past. There were a few real toughies in there; no one onstage knew about the confusion between Paul Thomas Anderson and Paul W.S. Anderson, nor the double superlative in Julius Caesar—but eventually Jason of the Humanoids won it all on a film question too complicated to explain here.

The standings:
1. The Monstrous Humanoids: No one appreciates it more than them.
2. Larry Sloan Verb Body Part!!
3. Binders Full of Romnesia
4. Ice Cream Antisocial
5. The Pie of Sauron
6. Just the Tips (best showing for the Oberon staff team in some time; they got the top score in the audio round)/Strong Opinion (tie)
8. Sidney Aplebaum
9. Medium Flair
10. Temporary Romnesia

Next: Less than three weeks I'm back with Mr. Hazard, Monday, November 12. Then, the big kahuna: The Boston edition of our Tenth Anniversary Quiz Show Marathon. More details in this space soon, but tickets are on sale now. Prepare for hugeness.


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