September 12, 2012

Quiz recap: Avoiding the obvious

Nearly 24 hours later, but I’ve finally gotten it together to recap last night’s great BQT at Littlefield—arguably our best one yet at this venue. Full house, great vibe, the return of my injured sidekick EDP, and no one let the date bum them out (I inserted only one acknowledgement into the quiz itself—a question of who was named Time's Person of the Year in 2001, in lieu of a no-doubt-blood-boiling-but-probably-more-appropriate bin Laden selection). Peace be with you all.

EDP and I had a whole lotta fun putting together the video puzzle, "The Rock Bands of Dr. Moreau." Let's enjoy that intro image again…

Basically, we placed the heads of one rock band (or otherwise pop-musical group) on the bodies of another. Some were easy-peasy (the Beatles' heads, come on), some were nutsy-toughsy (you'd be surprised how many people thought the Jackson 5 were the extremely melanin-deprived Partridge Family). One potential Smart-Ass Point that shockingly didn't get a laugh from you stone-cold-serious trivia goons: the heads of Hootie and the Blowfish are Kiss without the makeup. (I know, don't insult Hootie.) Much easier but no less delightful was the cinema-centric audio round, "The History of Movies Every 5 Years." Twenty-five years since Throw Momma from the Train and I can't believe we're not getting a commemorative theatrical rerelease. (Seriously, though, wasn't Anne Ramsey's titular, Oscar-nominated role among the greatest performances in cinematic history? Can you believe she was only 57 at the time?)

Last night we tried something semi-new: a prize for the best @BigQuizThing-mentioning tweet of the night, specifically the geek bait of Volume XIV of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (including Soultaker, in which Crow declares, "Can anything really be said to star Joe Estevez?"). Taking the Mulligan member @aloneinthesnark claimed it with "It's hotter in here than the sheets on Noah's prom night!" Oh, if only!

Thanks again to some excellent sponsors last night: Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Museum, both of which have been tremendously loyal during our Littlefield residency, joined by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Silence! The Musical (which I finally saw, BTW, and loved, and hated myself for loving). And, joining the lineup at the last minute and thus un-blogged-about in this space: Bullet for Adolf, a comedy cowritten by Woody Harrelson (based on his real life, apparently) and currently playing at New World Stages Off Broadway.

Back to our show: The finale wasn't very surprising. Coming off two consecutive victories, the Fantastic Fournicators were primed for a third. Their cohorts in the ranks of the NYC BQT's winningest teams, Incontinental Congress, were there too, along with Taking the Mulligan—that team always a bridesmaid, not yet a bride. Everyone was wearing glasses. Nobody knew about this forthcoming NYC tourist destination…though I thought guessing that the name is "FDR Four Terms Park" was pretty awesome. (Better yet: "FDR Fuck You Wendell Willkie Park.") But finally, the Fournicators made it a tri-peat, knowing all about these guys.

The standings:
1. The Fantastic Fournicators: Three in a row, yo.
2. Incontinental Congress
3. Taking the Mulligan: Oh, they're so due.
4. Cash Cab for Cutie/Strippers for Stephen Hawking (tie): This is the last time we're doing a tie, at least when prizes are at stake. From now on, your standing in previous rounds will break the tie. I need fewer headaches.
6. Terry Kids: Apparently, a supergroup of teams of various Queen bar-trivia nights, trying the BQT for the first time. As a thank-you, I gave them a couple passes for when they decide to return, which I hope they will.
7. Gerard Depardouche: With only two members.
8. I Came 4 the Cookies: We owe them.
9. The Real Houseflies of New Jersey
10. Syria

NEXT: Back at Littlefield October 9. Before that, we continue monthly in Boston, L.A., and—starting October 4—Chicago! (Details here ever so soon.)

And…when are we returning to Manhattan, you ask? Well, if you don't count private parties (and you shouldn't) or the reprise of our New York Comic-Con show, it's looking like it won't be till 2013. Sorry, but it'll be worth it: We're presently in the midst of some delicate negotiations with a venue that will make every other Quiz Thing look anything but Big. Stay tuned…


BlueDuck said...

I have already written a letter to the city asking if it's too late to change the name of the FDR park.

The Four Freedoms Park is basically what they should call the FDR Memorial in DC... it's awesome, and has a really nice/sad recreation of a bread line.

Vitamin Steve said...

I still like "Four Wheels Park".

Bella Tran said...

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