September 16, 2012

L.A. prize sponsor: Mystery Trip L.A.

TONIGHT! More Los Angeles BQT fun at our palatial California home of Busby's East, hosted by quizmaster supreme Daniel Halden. "The Rock Bands of Dr. Moreau," "The History of Movies Every 5 Years," "How Long Till It Was Cancelled?" and tons more. This is a hot one, friends.

And we have a semi-last-minute prize sponsor to share, continuing our trend of rewarding BQT fans with tickets to the best and most idiosyncratic events our host cities have to offer. Mystery Trip L.A. is accurately described by its name—a cryptic voyage through La-La-Land, natch, but let's drill down a bit deeper, shall we…

Unlike most tour companies that, you know, tell you where you're going, MTLA delightfully keeps you in the proverbial dark as long as possible. All they can tell you is that it allows you to "experience unique and fun events, eat great food, explore forgotten treasures, discover little-known gems and to interact with the bizarre characters that make our humble little city so wonderful." Sounds amazing, except I'm not sure anyone's ever before described Los Angeles as a "humble little" city."
The gurus behind MTLA have become something of BQT L.A. regulars, and they're generously putting up a few tickets for tonight's extravaganza. How about that? Learn more about Mystery Trip L.A. at (of course), and we'll see you this very evening.

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