August 16, 2012

Prize sponsor spotlight: L.A. this Sunday

Oh, everyone's talking about it: How the BQT is now monthly in Los Angeles, the third Sunday of every month at the fantastic Busby's East, hosted by the handsome, handsome Daniel Halden. And the next one is this Day of Our Lord, August 19. As usual, some fantastic prize sponsors to tell y'all about (on top of the usual $200 grand prize)…

The Laugh Factory has returned to the BQT fold, with more tickets to the finest comedy known to Angeleno man. I've decided that "the Laugh Factory" is an awesome name for a comedy club. I mean, damn, they actually manufacture laughs, how can you go wrong? Among the big names stopping by the Hollywood location in the near future is a true '80s stand-up hero, Dom Irrera. Here he is on—God, I miss this stuff—Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist

Also on the prize tip: Tickets, to see hands-down the greatest burlesque in Los Angeles—and crimney, that's gotta be saying something—the Lalas.

"Brains + beauty + bustiers + music": These ladies are hot stuff in more ways than one. They regularly play in the big rooms in Vegas, but always make time for hometown gigs, where a couple lucky quizgoers will be able to catch them for free. Enjoy a pale imitation of the experience, though still pretty damn sexy, with this video:

Plus, what would the BQT be without delicious treats in the prize haul? And we've got a fantastic delicious-treat provider on Sunday: Carl's from Scratch.

Carl is an actual guy, and an actually very talented gourmet-food purveyor who creates delicious shortbread, jams, molasses, granola and more, all with organic ingredients, all made in small batches and all—you got it—made from scratch. We've got a selection of goodies to give away at the BQT. Order his treats online, and stay tuned for a CFS presence at L.A. farmers' markets in the near future.

Finally, we cannot heap enough praise on our L.A. venue, Busby's East, which has been tremendously supportive as the show gets its West Coast legs (every show is better—and better-attended—than the last). They're generously kicking in some gift cards for lucky players.

Sunday night, folks. Miss it and crazy forever…or at least till the next edition, on September 16.


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