July 17, 2012


Oh, yes! At last, we are back in NYC, tonight, returning to the wonderful Littlefield in Brooklyn, 7:30pm. Major, major quiz action getting ready to slam you directly in the face, don'tcha know.
And here's your frankly unfair advantage…the Not-So-Secret Secret Clue.

He's in jail right now

But who? Come to tonight's BQT, wait till you hear the NSSSC theme, and learn the answer (or at least figure it out, as is the BQT way). 

Also, a reminder: Yes, the cover for this show is $12. We have raised the price, at least for now…but we've also seriously improved the prize sponsors as of late, so there's that. And tonight is no exception: $300 cash jackpot (courtesy sponsors Trivi.al), malty tastiness from Brooklyn Brewery, passes to Triassic Parq and the Brooklyn Museum, and plentiful amounts more. See you at 7:30pm, in all your quiztastic glory.

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