July 30, 2012

Tonight! More prize sponsors!

They're coming fast and furious, and last-minute, but they are coming nonetheless: more prize sponsors for tonight's fantastic (and free!) Boston BQT in Harvard Square. We've told you quizzing app Trivi.al (putting up the $200 cash jackpot) and the Harvard Museum of Natural History. And now, two equally nerdilicious additions. First…the Brattle Theatre!

Cambridge's favorite art-house movie theater, the Brattle is mere steps from our own venue, Oberon, and presents only the best of cinéaste fodder, forngoing on 60 years now. Currently playing: Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (that's the stuff), your boy Clint in the legendary A Fistful of Dollars, and The Story of Film: An Odyssey, which is precisely and mind-blowingly what it claims to be, in 15 parts. They also have a Thursday night series of the finest in kung fu movie action, titled, wisely, "International Asskicking." So prepare to travel the world butt-beating-foot-first courtesy the eight free tickets we're giving away tonight, a perfect complement to the quintessential Boston cultural experience that is the Big Quiz Thing. The Brattle is at 40 Brattle Street, in the Harvard Square region. Learn more at brattlefilm.org.

Meanwhile, are you a nerd? And do you like beer? Of course you are. But I mean, are you that special kind of beer-loving nerd who brews his/her own brew? If so, you have a new favorite place in Cambridge: the Modern Homebrew Emporium.

Actually, home-brewing isn't what it once one, having attained genuine hipster-hobby status in recent years. And MHE has all you need to make your sudsy dreams a reality: tubbing, yeasts, brew kettles, siphons, you name it. While you're at it, pick up all the supplies for making your own wine (of course), cheese (cool!), soda (nice), and vinegar (okay…). You can get a jump-start on it if you're lucky enough to take home the gift certificate we're giving away at tonight's BQT. Let the party begin. The Modern Homebrew Emporium is at 2304 Mass Avenue in Davis Square; details at beerbrew.com.
Tonight's the night, everyone. Your time has come…