July 9, 2012

Prize sponsor spotlight: Triassic Parq

See, the thing about all these theatrical adaptations of beloved movies is that they go to extremes. Your typical tongue-in-cheek stage version of a cinematic blockbuster is either a brilliantly inspired reimagining of a cultural icon, or an absurdly misguided, time-wasting pile of attention-whore nonsense. Very few of them are just eh.

Sadly, most fall into the latter category—Carrie: The Musical is the prototypical example—but the former description is becoming more common, as savvy theatrical producers realize that an eye-catching concept is never enough. A current example is one of our previous prize sponsors, Silence! The Musical, a terrific show full of fresh comedy, but now we have another…

They said it couldn't be don't, but it's done. Jurassic Park the stage musical, or as it's known…

TP recasts the JP from the POV of the dinosaurs, which—let's face it—were the only interesting about that movie. And rather than blowing a wad of scarce Off Broadway money on thunder-lizard-conjuring F/X, the creative team has invested in actual talent, imaginatively, expressionistically and hilariously embodying the terrible beasts. Life finds a way, my friends.

And apparently there's lots of sex, which I don't recall from the movie. Also, "Morgan Freeman" acts as narrator.

The show's gathering steam—it won Best Musical at the 2010 NYC Fringe, it just scored a sweet review from my pals at Time Out New York, and it's playing a limited run now (through August 5) at the SoHo Playhouse, 15 Vandam St between Varick and Sixth. Click here for all the details and tickets, or try your luck at the July 17 show at Littlefield, where we'll be giving away a pair of tickets. And hey, even if you don't win, the TP people are offering a special discount offer: tix for only $39.50 ($20 off the regular price) if you go here and use code "TPREDFF." Roar, I said.

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